How to preserve the environment ??

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The process of preserving and protecting the environment is one of the most important matters that a person must take into account to limit the destruction of ecosystems of all kinds and the degradation of the environment, which in turn threatens the health of animals, humans and people. Plants are in the long run through human activities, so all the decisions that humans make affect the environment in one way or another, whether they relate to their food, their purchases, how they travel, etc. This matter, and what follows is the role of some of these institutions:

1- The role of scientific research centers: Scientific research centers have an important role in providing solutions to the problems that the environment suffers from And trying to discover alternative and environmentally friendly ways instead of the methods that cause its deterioration, as the work of these institutions does not depend on assessing the environmental pollutants and the extent of their harm to the environment.

2- The role of educational institutions: The role of educational institutions is translated from schools, universities, colleges and others by including curricula with specialized content on the environment, how to preserve it, and other curricular and extracurricular activities that increase students' awareness and their responsibility towards the environment.

3- The role of the administrative authorities: the greatest responsibility for preserving the environment rests with government institutions, by setting strict laws, a system to monitor the nature of chemicals used in industries, and to properly manage the causes of pollutants, as some developed countries have enacted laws that prohibit the use of toxic chemicals That negatively affect humans and living organisms. The role of individuals in preserving the environment: The role of individuals in preserving the environment is represented in many procedures and behaviors, including:

1- Continuing education and increasing knowledge.

2- Intensification from planting trees: because they produce food and oxygen, and they also help in combating climate change and working to regulate it.

3- Avoid throwing household chemicals into water bodies.

4- Preserving water resources.

5- Commitment to a set of household methods and methods to protect the environment, including:

1- Replacing old lamps with energy-saving lamps.

2- Collecting rainwater and preserving it in special barrels to be used in the process of watering plants.

3- Buying used furniture instead of new because it has an effect on reducing the amount of felled trees.

4- Use cups made of glass or ceramic instead of those made of paper.

5- Disconnect unused devices from the electrical plug; For the energy it consumes.

6- Carbon emissions can also be reduced, such as:

1- Using degradable materials.

2- Use of appropriate means of transportation: It is preferable to use transportation means that consume fossil fuels sparingly and less than other means of transportation.

3- Recycling: Some wastes act as an alternative to rare raw materials, such as: petroleum, natural gas, coal, mineral ores, and trees, as they are collected and processed to manufacture new materials or for reuse, from materials that can be recycled, such as paper, metals, glass. , And plastic. Therefore, countries must face a dual challenge: Rebuilding better means striving For a more greener recovery.

  • My State of Palestine has taken many of these measures to preserve the environment and build back greener.

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