How does cooperation save the environment?

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Global warming is a problem that affects all environments and all people and all places. If it affects a certain country at this time, then in the future it may affect the entire world in the future .. "Although at this present time it affects the whole world, so we must all cooperate with a solution. This crisis and get rid of this problem despite the presence of many people who do not realize the seriousness of this problem, so we must all ..

There are many people who say" that the actions of one person cannot affect this problem".

But this saying is completely wrong, because if everyone continues to throw garbage and ignore this problem, the earth will become a dumping ground, and there will be no solution to this problem .. This could lead to the destruction of the planet, especially if someone no longer cares about this problem and they all do the same thing And, they kept saying the same thing, which is that this problem does not affect them ..

Why do world leaders have more power than the public over global warming and climate issues?

Because they have a great impact on the people and trust them a lot of people and support them, and because of possessing high for the post, and their ability to reach full powers and take various decisions that may affect this problem.

There is a belief among some people that we should build a greener environment even if I disagree and some people reject that. This belief is 100% correct .. and many people agree with it ..

I think people who refuse to solve this problem will

They thank us one day, when they know the magnitude of this problem ... and because protecting planet Earth is related to all of our lives and the lives of this environment ..

The most influential people in this problem are the presidents and leaders of states. They influence even more than environmental activists because they have a large republican support base, but the most credible people in this problem are the people who work as activists for the environment. They are the people who know the most in the environment and they are the people who understand it most People who work for it and realize its importance.

I live in Palestine, which is one of the areas most affected by the problem of global warming, although it has a low percentage of waste and environmental pollution،Where the problem of global warming is the receding of rainwater and the increase in the salinity of the water table, in addition to the drying up of agricultural crops on which many Palestinian families depend to provide their livelihood.

I think that if I live in a country that does not have the impact of global warming, then my response will vary greatly, as I will not know the severity of this problem unless I visit these countries and live what they live in, as because of the fear of the owners of these countries for the loss and destruction of their country, they are making their efforts. In solving this problem ..

I believe that people's opinions will differ according to their age, according to their job, and according to their standard of living, even if it is in the same country.

For example, students will say "that they do not care about the climate problem, that they will only care about getting a job and meeting their needs, and that this problem is greater than it".

But that is wrong, as the smallest efforts may affect this problem and that every person on this planet must unite and cooperate in solving this problem, then this problem will decrease and it will end.

There are people who will say, "If they don't save the environment now, when will they do that?"

I completely agree with this because if we do not save the environment at this time, it will be quite late for its ruins and the inevitable end that awaits us will be destruction.

I know that we must respect each other's opinions; However, this problem does not require that one think about expressing an opinion ..

Every minute is important in saving the planet ... and if we do not save it now, then our destruction will be! ..

And you, what do you think?

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