How do visual effects change the way that people interpret climate change?

During the pandemic, the first visual effects of reducing pollution and carbon emissions have begun to surface. For example, the Venice canals have been cleared of pollution and their waters have been the cleanest in years- even dolphins have been spotted swimming there!

But why have we been drawn to this? In my opinion, this has been a heavily talked about subject because it is one of the few visual effects of reduced pollution. Whilst in lockdown, people tried to look for positive situations to distract themselves from the negative situation that we have been living through. I think that people have become too fixated on the improvements in climate change becuase they have been visual and easy to pick out.

However, in my opinion, we need to start focusing on the bigger issue and we need to actively look for the damage that global warming is causing to our planet. For example, due to ice caps melting, sea levels have risen by a massive 9 inches in the past 100 years but beacuse most of us cannot see the effects of this, we do not become as fixated on it.

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