How could forms of transport change to help with climate change?

Hello, my name is protective_dusk, and I am here to discuss a question due to this new topic: Building back greener. The question is "How could forms of transport change to help with climate change?"

So first of all, what is climate change? Well, climate change is a change in global, or regional climate patterns, particularly now, where the earth is slowly warming up. There are many reasons why this is happening:

1. We are using lots of fossil fuels

2. Greenhouse gases

3. Certain factories that burn fuels are bad for the environment

4. Petrol and Diesel cars

Now lets get onto the question. Let's start of with cars. Cars have been around for quite a while now, but petrol and diesel cars are not helping the environment. Car pollution is in fact one of the main reasons of climate change. They let of greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide. These are not good for our planet. Instead of petrol and diesel, they can use electricity, like they are already doing now. People can also start using public transport more, and bicycles. Now lets go onto planes.

Now, planes are usually used to travel long distances, generally from country to country. There are also ways that they can change. Instead of fuel, they can use something called bio-fuel. Bio-fuel is where food leftovers are broken down and made into something called bio-gas. The leftover food gives of this gas. Then, the bio-gas can be used as fuel, so this would be better for our planet.

Now, if we fast-forward into the future, there could be new types of transport. There could be hoverboards, and many other things.

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