How can we, children, protect the environment?

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Not all children can make their voice heard or, in that case, make an actual difference for the greater good. But we can help little by little.

Helping to stop pollution:

We may not have the ability yet to put a stop to pollution completely but every little helps. Re-use items, you could paint something on a box or a finished carton ect; you could recycle items so we don't have to cut new trees to create new paper.

Helping to stop climate change:

Recycling also falls under helping to stop climate change because sometimes when you don't recycle the items get burnt which leads to lots of smoke going into the air which is one of the known causes for climate change. We can also try walk as much as possible instead of going with the car all the time; something that not only children but adults can do too is try use as less electricity and gas as possible, also natural light is better then artificial light. One last thing that we can do is to try but from lical shops or encourage our parents to do so. Why? It's because food from far away gets shipped to your country and it's shipped in large ships that produce lots of smoke.

Little things that are better for our community:

  • Children can plant a tree,
  • Make posters about how people can help,
  • Selling a toy? Why not pack it in something other then plastic,
  • Going somewhere, maybe a local park and you normally go with car, try walking for a change.

See little things can make a big difference.

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  • Hammond School logo protective_dusk | Hammond Junior School C
    11 May 2021

    This is a good post buzzing_grapefruit! For what can children do to help, I have a few suggestions:
    1. You could use a refillable water bottle, instead of constantly buying plastic ones.
    2. Turn things off when they are not needed ( tap, lights etc.)

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  • rachelwilliams.JPG EXPERT: Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
    11 May 2021

    Thank you @buzzing_grapefruit for your article. It is a powerful message that we can all help protect the environment by taking small steps. Have you thought about ways in which children could keep a record of the steps they are taking to protect the environment? What things do you do at school to try and protect the environment?

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg buzzing_grapefruit | New Horizons Children's Academy
    12 May 2021

    Thank you very much for answering my question! In answer to your question here is my answer for ‘In which ways children could keep a record of steps they are taking to protect the environment.’ You could write in a notebook targets for the future to help stop the climate change and/or to help the environment. Answering your question for ‘ What things do you do at school to try and protect the environment.’ In my school we have little garden and some of the years can, if they want to, and it has things growing like vegetables and trees. Some children also litter pick in the school outside area.

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