How can reducing levels of pollution negatively affect the economy?

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Many people believe that we must reduce the rate of climate change, pollution, plastic pollution so we can save our planet. And yes, almost everyone including myself agree. But, it also comes with consequences.

Although its a good thing to reduce or completely get rid of them, it will massively disrupt the trade industry and may cause the economy of multiple nations to collapse. Many countries are large exporters of things such as oil, plastic and many other things. Meaning, not only will those countries economies collapse, it will also cause a global economic collapse and would cut jobs, cause unemployment, causes bankruptcy, causes businesses to collapse which might end up turning into a loop, which would ultimately cause chaos.

As the world switches from plastic to paper, the world is becoming greener. But as you may have guessed, it has negative effects with the economy. There's a chance it will decrease the amount of homes being built which is important to the economy as trees are being cut down for paper, meaning real-estate businesses that rely on building homes out of wood could encounter financial problems and/or build less homes.

But...there are also good things that we could do to not disrupt the economy entirely.

Instead of exporting plastic, why not export things like metal, iron or other minerals? Many people use plastic for water bottles, cups, straws, you name it. Many of those things CAN be replaced with metals such as bottles and straws. If you think of it, metal is a good option to replace some things made of plastic. We don't have to get rid of plastic entirely, just cut down on it.

There isn't much replacement for paper items, but you are able to replant trees in that area and the trees have possibly reproduced already meaning it has spread its seeds and will produce saplings in the area meaning more trees! Just keep replanting trees that are native to the area and it should be fine.

Instead of oil, we could use electricity as fuel. We could generate electricity from solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and other energy sources which is alot greener than using crude oils and factories which emmit pollution into the air. Oil is a huge part of todays technologies such as fuel for cars, planes, buses, trains .etc. All of which are able to run on electricity, so why don't we make the change to electric? It could be possible without disrupting the economy.

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