How can I?

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How can I?
How can we, at this age, apply a building back greener ??
With the beginning of human development and industrial progress, environmental pollutants increased, such as smoke that contains gases harmful to the environment, and non-degradable materials such as plastic, as well as toxic substances that interact with rain, forming acid rain.
Therefore, we must implement environmental conservation measures that fall under the title (building back greener). How can we, at this young age, apply that ?? What are the methods that we must follow ??
I will mention some measures that suit my circumstances and my country. For example, I can:
1- Investing in green energy by going from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources with simple things. For example, I can use calculators that run on solar energy instead of using those machines that run on dry batteries that, if finished, we throw them in the garbage and increase. From pollution, simple watches can also be created that work on solar energy with the help of our teachers
and we can for us to implement an inspiring and useful activity for children, for example, a project can be created in the school with the help of teachers. This project encourages students to invent toys for children that work on solar energy, such as a car that moves when it is charged with solar energy
2- Supporting green works, we in our neighborhood or school can establish initiatives aimed at planting trees and flowers in the neighborhood, streets, or school yard, for example when we plant trees in the school, we ask for help from our teachers, as well as in the streets, we cooperate with the municipality and institutions concerned with environmental affairs to do so
For example, in my country, Palestine, we have enough spaces for agriculture, and almost no area is devoted to agriculture. With the help of our parents, we can plant small, flowers and ornamental plants in them, and although they are small, they are beneficial to the environment.
As for those who do not own agricultural areas, they can, for example, plant flowers and plants in pots designated for cultivation and place them on windows, entrances, buildings and on the roofs, meaning we can exploit places without life and place plants in them to give them beauty and benefit the environment
The idea of ​​recycling can also be supported, as this is an important factor to preserve the environment and reduce pollution and climate change. For example, we can use empty ballpoint pens to decorate the frame of the pictures instead of throwing them.
You can also use small colored sweet paper scraps by sticking them next to each other and making a decorative plate from them
Also, beautiful art paintings can be made from dry tree paper and small broken wax colors can be used to decorate the flower vase that we make from canned boxes after decorating it.
There are so many recycling ideas out there, and we can get creative with that
3 Despite our young age, however, we can support green transport through the use of mass transportation instead of individual ones. This reduces pollution and we can ride bicycles instead of cars because this reduces harmful emissions
And I just came up with an idea through which we can collect all the previous methods to building back greener, so we can, for example, decorate the streets with lights that work on solar energy day and night, and plant trees and flowers in beautiful shapes that attract attention and allow them only on foot and bicycle, this will push many people to walk in these The streets, because of their beauty and support for the environment, can also allocate places where recyclable materials are placed instead of throwing them in the garbage
The methods and means may differ from one country to another, but the end and goal are the same, and those methods I mentioned are appropriate for me and the level of development in my country.
And you, share your thoughts with us, are these methods suitable for your country ?? and why ??

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