How Businesses are 'Bringing Back Greener'!

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In the wake of the recent pandemic, global citizens of planet earth have been on a desperate path to recovery, finding invaulable vaccines to protect citizens of such a horrid virus. However, one threat - one dangerous threat - has been everpresent, both before the impact of Covid-19 and will continue ever after: Climate Change.

As we slowly begin to emerge from our most recent lockdown, many are beginning to refocus their attention greater on how we can protect and safeguard our beloved planet, whether it protecting our local green environmental spaces, reducing carbon emissions and pullutants that spread across the planet, elimating plastic waste or trying to make the public more aware. Within our communities, businesses ,both locally and globally, are looking at how they can help in the fight against climate change and help bring about 'Building Back Greener', as championed by our current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson during last years speech.

One of these contributers, are fast food outlets, such as Mcdonalds and Burger King, both of which has been in the news recently to highlight the changes they are making to their businesses to help in the planet's recovery. Over the upcoming months, Mcdonald's will change their infamous red and yellow sign to green as a way of making more people aware. Furthermore, in some of their stores, they are placing solar panels to help reduce the amount of electricity they use. Within Burger King, they are swapping the materials they use to package their food to alternative sources, making them recyclable and easy to dispose of.

However, it is not just fast food restaurants, other businesses are getting involved too. Apple music are reducing the amount of packaging used to protect their products as well as not giving out any electrical plugs, wires or headphones due to many already having these at home. H&M, the clothing brand, are asking people to return and donate old clothing to recyle and in return provide gift vouchers. Others, such as Google are trying to reduce the amount of energy they use, whilst search engine, Ecosia have announced they will plant a tree every time somebody makes a search on their website.

All of these efforts and more are already having a positive step to helping our planet and is a wonderful step in the right direction to change. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to find many more businesses making a difference and 'bringing back greener'. If so, why not share these in the comment box below!

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    07 May 2021

    Hi buzzing_dog, many thanks for your post- it was a very interesting read! You emphasize the seriousness of climate change, citing good examples of how businesses can help in the fight against it. How do you think individuals can contribute to the protection of our planet on a regular basis?

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