How businesses are “bringing back greener”

How businesses are

“bringing back greener”

So, you may be aware that many businesses, both locally and globally are ‘bringing back greener’, but how? Well, for many businesses their actions are often considered by a large percentage as ruthless. This is due to them spreading plastic everywhere. How shocking! So how would they build back greener? Well some are just spreading the word, like Mc-Donalds is making their logo green. Also, burger king is going eco friendly, by piloting sustainable packaging.

And some new ones are popping up just to help the environment. This could be like bakeys and ecosia, one is an eco friendly search engine and the other is making edible cutlery.

So what else are they doing?

Companies like tesla were good from the beginning making electric cars and are becoming even better with gigafactories powered with solar panels.

So many businesses are building back greener, but some are. What can you do to help? Well you can spread the word yourself, or convince companies to help the environment.

Whatever the cost we must stop this evil enemy, for it is no virus, no warmonger or anarchist.

It's climate change.

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