How to Build back greener

:STEP 1:

The characters are Earth and COVID 19.

The earth and the COVID 19 are fighting for supremacy, each want to be the superior over the other. If the earth is not strong enough to overcome the COVID 19 pandemic there is tendency that the COVID 19 will wipe away the whole earth.


The characters are the Earth, the COVID 19 and the climate change. What is happening here is that the climate change is watching how the earth dealt with COVID 19 with heavy blow and the climate change is strategizing how it will knock down the earth and the earth is focusing on covid 19 pandemic without much attention to climate change.

The message here is that the earth should prepare to fight the both opponents at the same time, otherwise one may attack and finish the inhabitants of the earth.


*to balance the eco system for effective productivity and also to provide good health.

*yes, because it makes the environment friendly.


*using of renewable energy sources, example, solar power and wind power

*investing in business that are environmental friendly example farming.

*planting trees and reducing pollution can help change how we live.

*planting trees and reducing pollution would help our country and to carry out more research on how to slow climate change are most important for our country.

*planting trees and reducing pollution is the easiest way to build back greener without government assistance.

Questions How can the third world countries build back greener with the presence prevalence insurgency, poverty and inflations in their countries?

To help nature, is by planting trees, reducing pollutions, and protecting habitat because it is easier and economical.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School fearless_grasshopper | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    04 May 2021

    i fink that i might start planting a tree in my garden because we don't have a big garden and it sounds easy fun and it reduce pollution and my little brother will love doing it getting all muddy

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  • global-conversation.png healthy_honeydew | New Tafo M/A (FEDEN) JHS | Ghana
    05 May 2021

    Building back greener is a good solutions to slow climate change down and to help nature recover or build back. Governments should make decisions that will help the environment and the climate. The pandamic has caused a lot of danger to peopleso when we build back greener it will slow the climate down so that we will get sometime to cure for the pandemic. This will help the environment and the people in it very well. Supporting green businesses is one of the best way to slow climate change and to help nature recover in my country for example;giving money to businesses that are environmental friendly like Bunsu eco park etc.
    Inversting in green energy is also one of the best ways to slow climate down. We have to stop using fossil fuels (coal,crude oil and natural gas) because where this things are , burning goes on there and if we still use this fosil fuels the climate will increase in the country for my advice i think we should start using renewable energy sources for example solar power or wind power but in my country i prefere using solar energy because in my country the sun shine more than how the wind blow this will help my country in many ways some of this ways are as follows we will have eletricity now and then we will bot be spending money on electricity bills i think these are some of the best ways to slow climate change down in my country

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    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
      healthy_honeydew's comment 05 May 2021

      Can you give a bit more information about Bunsu eco park?

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  • global-conversation.png healthy_honeydew | New Tafo M/A (FEDEN) JHS | Ghana
    07 May 2021

    Bunsu eco park is a forest reserved as a torist site to seach for species of trees and animals

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