Happy Earth Day!!!


Hello👋, today is the earth day🎄, the largest civic event on the planet, but this year, the earth day will be not like others😥, he went fully digital for the first time in its history and all this is because COVID-19 who is causing public health lockdowns around the world😷. And since we are not going to celebrate it, I decided to describe it, to know it well: So the earth day is when people from countries all around the world remember that life Earth is very important and they come together to take action to defend our planet, it’s when we learn about the plants and animals that live on Earth (for example we can know that in Wales there is a tree that is 5,000 years old!!! It is the same age as the pyramids in Egypt!😮), and finally it’s when young people plant trees, recycle paper and find out about endangered animals.

and here I am planting a tree on earth day in 2019😅

goodbye and i wish you enjoy my work🥰🙏

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