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The cities of the world are racing to add green spaces within their borders, to improve the appearance of the infrastructure, and to provide spaces for local residents to use for hiking and relaxation, and below we learn about 10 cities with the largest percentage of green spaces.

London, UK

The capital of the United Kingdom has an estimated population of 8.1 million and an area of ​​1,572 km².

Green areas constitute 33% of its area.

"In pictures, Rotana Park in Britain"

Rome, Italy

The capital of Italy and the largest city in the country after an estimated population of 2.8 million people and an area of ​​1,285 km².

Green areas constitute 34% of its area.

"In pictures, the garden of Villa Doria Pamphili"

Madrid, Spain

The capital of Spain has an estimated population of 3.2 million and an area of ​​about 604.3 km².

Green areas constitute 38% of its area.

`` In the pictures Casa de Campo Park ''

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden, with an area of ​​188 square kilometers, is made up of the number of islands connected to each other.

Green areas constitute 40% of its area.

"In the picture, one of Stockholm's parks"

Before the Corona pandemic hit, the world witnessed a decrease in infectious diseases, in contrast to a tremendous rise in diseases caused by poor environmental conditions. The World Health Organization estimated that environmental degradation was responsible for 420 thousand premature deaths in the Arab region alone, which represents 20 percent of all deaths, and unfortunately, until now, they are not aware of the seriousness of the problem. The main diseases caused by environmental causes in Arab countries include cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and some types of cancer. The main factors driving environmental risks for these groups of diseases are outdoor and indoor air pollution, difficulty obtaining clean water, exposure to waste, harmful chemicals and agricultural pesticides. The intensive agriculture that requires deforestation, animal production on a large scale on large farms, and the invasion of human activities to natural areas, the most prominent factors leading to the spread of viruses, especially those that are transmitted from animals to humans. The report analyzes the expected effects of the emerging "Corona" virus on health conditions in the Arab world in the coming years.

Meditation for the environment includes a relaxation of the soul, a cure for many mental illnesses, and leads to adding beauty to the environment .

Does your country contain green spaces?

Do you know how much green space is in your country?

Do you think that the environment has other treatments?

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