Global warming and its risks to women

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Climate change poses a direct threat to human health, and mounting evidence indicates that pregnant women are especially at risk of hotter than normal temperatures during the summer. A new analysis of 70 studies from around the world found that higher temperatures during pregnancy are associated with a slight increase in premature labor and fetal death, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Because the risk appears relatively small, scientists are concerned that it may have a significant impact on public health in the future, especially as global warming is causing temperature waves to rise more sharply and more frequently.

Elderly people, people with sicknesses and young children should be warned of the dangers of high temperatures, in addition to providing advice that aims to warn pregnant women of this phenomenon.

Pregnancy requires confronting a lot of what affects the human body, which pushes the heart to work harder, increases internal temperatures, and leaves the body exposed to the risk of heat exhaustion, exhaustion, and dehydration.

The international team concluded that "pregnant women should be placed alongside groups usually considered to be at high risk due to heat-related conditions."

This area of research is still relatively recent, but based on our knowledge so far, there is reason to be concerned about the mother and her unborn child.

None of the studies included are currently perfect or able to provide a clear cause or effect.

The research came from 24 countries, mostly in North America, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and of which seven were low or middle income countries.

The researchers found that: "With each temperature increase by one degree Celsius, the risk of premature labor and fetal death increases by about 5% on average, and in the event of a prolonged increase in temperature, the risk of premature labor increases by 16%."

With this in mind, the global average for preterm labor is around 10%, so the effect of intense heat - if any - is relatively small compared to all other factors that may affect the outcome of pregnancy.

The analysis showed low birth weight, for example: only 3% of births who were born during a heat wave decreased weight, and this percentage is usually much lower.

While only 18 out of 28 studies found a link between birth weight and heat exposure, 40 out of 47 studies found an association between the risk of preterm labor and exposure to heat.

It does not seem that the occupation of global warming poses a threat to the environment and to human life only, but rather affects the rate of reproduction, perhaps a few centuries after the extinction of the human race.

I got my information through the book "Man and Global Warming", which is an Arabic book ..

Do you think that global warming has other long-term damages?

Do you find global warming a serious problem now?

Do you think it is too late to treat global warming?

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg serious_night | New Horizons Children's Academy
    17 May 2021

    in my opinion,i dont think that it has a differance on woman.i think it has the same impact that it has on men and other genders.

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    1. Harriet-Website_1000x1000.jpg Harriet @ the BNC
      serious_night's comment 17 May 2021

      Can you use any evidence to support your opinion, serious_night?

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    2. Hammond School logo valuable_vegetable | Hammond Junior School D
      serious_night's comment 19 May 2021

      I partly disagree. If a women is pregnant you feel temperatures more extreme than other people. So if it is, for example, 30 degrees for us, it will feel like 35 plus for a pregnant person. This could kill the woman and their child if temperatures get too high. But if you are talking about non-pregnant people, then I agree that both genders are effected equally.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells
    17 May 2021

    A really interesting read focused_river, I didn't know that increased heat exposure increases the risk of premature labour. Well done for listing your source too! What action do you think should be taken to prevent heat exposure from affecting public health in the future?

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    1. global-conversation.png focused_river | Jabalia Prep C School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells's comment 17 May 2021

      I think that vaccination is a good step, and monitoring pregnant women weekly, and providing them with iron and other elements and vitamins ..

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    17 May 2021

    However, the effects of climate change on individuals will be felt unevenly. The poorest, especially women, who constitute the majority of the world's poor, will be among the most affected. In many regions, gender inequalities continue to restrict their equal access to decision-making, formal financial systems, land ownership, reproductive health, education and information, compromising their well-being. as well as that of their families and communities. However, this vulnerability may obscure the fact that women remain an untapped resource in efforts to address climate change and reduce the emissions that are causing this crisis. Innovators, organizers, leaders, educators and caregivers, they occupy a unique position to help curb the effects.
    Mainstreaming a gender perspective into climate change policies, projects and funding is essential to ensure that Climate change, one of the most pressing topical issues, already affects people and ecosystems of the whole world. Deepening poverty and leading to the destruction of infrastructure, it threatens to undermine decades of development efforts, affecting us all deeply.
    As women suffer disproportionately from poverty, they are made all the more vulnerable when erratic climatic conditions cause increased droughts or floods in isolated areas or in overcrowded urban areas, where poverty still prevails. harder to feel. However, as women's vulnerability to climate change is increasingly understood and taken into account, it is also important to highlight the crucial role women play in supporting their families. households and their communities and in implementing mechanisms to adapt to climate change and mitigate its most harmful impacts. Indeed, women have always been at the origin of many innovative and sustainable responses and solutions to environmental challenges around the world.

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  • global-conversation.png peaceful_turkey | Chrisland School | Nigeria
    18 May 2021

    Global Warming
    The greenhouse effect is a natural process that warms the Earth's surface, Greenhouse gases include water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and some artificial chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The absorbed energy warms the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth. Thia can lead to global warming ,Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth's climate system observed since the pre-industrial period due to human activities, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in Earth's atmosphere.

    We can stop this by

    1.Powering your home with renewable energy.

    2.Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.

    3.Shrinking your carbon profile.

    Thank you

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  • Cheam Common logo awesome_atmosphere | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 May 2021

    Amazing post I learnt something new! I really like how in depth you went in and all the statistics.

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  • Cheam Common logo jubilant_dinosaur | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 May 2021

    I think that we need to act to climate change now because it is putting a lot of people in danger of health or other problems, one being what you have described. Also, it may be too late to save a lot of things, but if we all work together we could save our world and future generations lives.

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  • Cheam Common logo quirky_glacier | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 May 2021

    Honestly ive learned a lot from this, as some people said that it would affect other genders to, but I think that pregnacy is a very important and please try and do the important reqirements to help this situation and stop climate change! ⬆️

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  • Cheam Common logo daring_whale | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 May 2021

    wow! I didn't know about this. I agree that pregnant women will be affected much more but I also think that (non pregnant) ladies and other gender will be equal. So this means that not all women have a risk. This was a great post though and I really enjoyed reading through it.

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