Global Conversation Thought Leaders Announced!

Congratulations to Beit Hanoun Prep A Girls School, Rafah Prep B Girls School and School College Pilote Sousse - our Thought Leaders for The Global Conversation!

What's a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is a club that we think have shown the best use of the BNC skills over the course of the Issue and really added to the quality of discussion on the Hub.

Why did these schools win?

With so many schools participating on the Hub for this Issue, it was particularly hard to pick a Thought Leader, but we've picked two schools that we thought really stood out.

Beit Hanoun Prep A Girls School, of Occupied Palestinian Territory, brought a lot to the dialogue about this topic. From the beginning, we've seen a real emphasis on commenting on the Hub to drive forward discussion. Students have also asked excellent questions of our experts and shown brilliant curiosity to learn more.

Rafah Prep B Girls School have also stood out. Their ratio of stars to comments/posts has been fantastic, showing that their contributions have been thoughtful, thought-provoking and high quality.

School College Pilote Sousse, of Tunisia, have also contributed significantly through their posts. Their collection of highly artistic and thoughtful Final Pieces has certainly given Hub members lots to think about in the final weeks of the project. They have also brought a lot to the discussion through their comments and competition entries.

Well done to students and staff at all three schools!

What's the prize?

We'll soon be publishing our "Hub Highlights" and these schools will feature in that, plus we announce our Thought Leader for everyone on the Hub to see and additionally on social media!

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