Fresh start

When you want to start fresh, you need to take a leap of faith. Many things around us are taken for granted. For example, you expect to have your breakfast ready because you mom is always there to prepare it for you. Moreover, we are afraid of tomorrow that we spend a lot of time preparing for it. As I have taken an hour writing and editing this small piece of writing. However, many believe that we need to take things slowly and start fresh. I once wanted to build a sand castle when we visited the sea the last time - I wish I could go now, but with the pandemic around I cannot. I planned the whole day and I even dreamed about it when I slept. I had big plans for this castle, I wanted to show it to my parents and make them proud. By the shore, I started to build my sand castle. However, the waves were always ruining my artwork. I had to start again and again until I felt devastated by the sea waves. I complained to my father and he gave me a small piece of advice that I find very beneficial until now. He said, “great people keep trying until they are successful, greater people take a leap of faith into something creative and new.” I had my drawing notebook and crayons with me ALWAYS. I set a target to myself. I want to be creative and successful. I left the castle and drew a fantastic sunset scene. Whenever one of my friends ask me about fresh starts, I always tell them the story and show them the picture included.

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