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Hello guys 👋🏻

I like to eat fresh fish 🐠🐟 and swimming in summer but unfortunatilly the water is black and un healthy 🤮 with un healthy sea food ...

Why do you think is happend ??

I think we must move to save fish from this wastewater that we get rid of in the wrong way ,, which works to change the environment and nature of the seas and woks to eliminate marine animals ...

What should we do ??

How can we help poor countries with healthy ways to get rid of wastewater !?

I am student , are in the Gaza strip .. We suffer from poverty . we do not have enough equipment and we do not have sanitary methods to use to dispos of sewage water ....

How can developed countries in healthy ways to get rid of wastewater ???

I suggest that the wastewater be treated and used in agriculture .

At The End ,, I want you to suggest proposals with us to salve the water pollution crisis 💬

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    23 Apr 2021

    Hi it's observant_sparrow
    As a general rule, for stations collecting more than 1000 population equivalents, the purification of wastewater arriving at the plant is carried out by biological treatment and follows the following steps:

    1 * pre-treatment begins with screening: separation of the largest solid waste, retained by a sieve or screen system
    2 * the pre-treatment continues with grit removal - degreasing: elimination of grease by flotation and heavy matter by settling
    3 * biological treatment by activated sludge: micro-organisms (bacteria) transform the dissolved pollution into biological sludge by alternating aeration and resting phases in basins. Biological treatment is the transformation of pollution by bacteria into carbon dioxide, treated water and sludge
    4 * clarification separates the sludge from the water which, more than 90% depolluted, is then released into the natural environment.
    5 * sludge treatment consists in concentrating the organic matter by filtering the liquid sludge to obtain solid sludge more easily transportable and storable

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  • global-conversation.png affable_moose | Al-Madeina Al- Monawara Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    24 Apr 2021

    I like how you express about your idea through painting , I cant eat fish or swim if there is no healthy sea

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  • Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni logo rhetorical_drum | Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni B
    21 May 2021

    I totally agree with this however I feel like there is a bigger problem with pollution in the ocean with rubbish in the waters killing loads of animals, how do you feel we are able stop this ?

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