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Fossil fuels: As we know, fossil fuels negatively affect the environment, and it is considered one of the most important factors of air pollution and climate change, as it is adopted as a fuel used by cars and factories, and when it is burned. Carbon dioxide is produced, and the problem is that its combustion is produced on a daily basis in all countries, and all transportation uses fuel and its derivatives, and factories use it on a daily basis to operate machinery.
Fossil fuels are one of the main factors for air pollution, and it also causes global warming due to carbon emissions, and this is the main reason for climate change that all nations fear.
Now that you know the biggest risks of fossil fuels, are you thinking about replacing it and relying on Environmentally friendly energy?
I will provide you with alternatives that we can use that do not pose any environmental risks:
Fossil fuel alternatives:
_ Solar energy :
As we know that solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy, and it enables us to generate electricity and heat water without causing any negative effects on the environment, as it depends on the energy of the sun and storing it, we have already started to use this energy and it has many benefits for the individual, it does not have to pay The price of electricity, electricity is available in his home most of the time, and hot water is always available, but the percentage of fossil energy use still exceeds solar energy, because countries depend on fossil fuels to generate electricity, and factories depend on them, which results in large carbon emissions, which contributes to the phenomenon Global warming, though, is a better option, which is solar energy.
Solar energy not only helped the individual, but also helped farmers, as it is the best solution for irrigation, and from the countries that used solar energy in agriculture, "Sudan", and returned to farmers with good benefits. We also know Sudan is one of the countries that witness the least rain, and it is one of the poorest countries. But after using solar energy in agriculture, Sudan will not have to import fuel to use it to run water pumps and agricultural machinery.
Nuclear energy: This energy results from the decay of a radioactive substance. It can be obtained through atomic reactors and then use the heat energy they produce to generate electricity. This energy can also be used to propel ships and submarines.
We get this energy from living organisms and their waste, and the difference between it and fossil fuels is that it has not been exposed to geological processes, and examples of this are:
Alcohol produced from sugar cane waste, methane, forest residue, and livestock dung
_Wind Energy :
It is a renewable energy that can be used to generate electricity, but it cannot be relied upon, because wind does not spread in all regions and is not always available, but it is environmentally friendly energy that does not produce any carbon emissions, and it can be relied upon in areas with high speed of high winds.

_ These energies were to generate electricity, and now I will move to alternatives to car fuels:

_ Electric cars:
It is an environmentally friendly means of transportation, and it is better for the individual, so the individual does not have to buy gasoline, which saves him money, and there is great hope that he will be relied on in the future, as companies are currently developing it.
As we learned in our schools, hydrogen is the fuel of the future, as it does not pose any negative effects on the environment, and it does not produce any emissions when burned, and because of its abundance in large quantities on the surface of the earth. The earth, chosen as the fuel of the future, can be stored as a gas or liquid, and is inexpensive as a fossil fuel

_The results if Palestine adopts environmentally friendly resources instead of fossil fuels:
1 / The rise in the economy as a result of not having to import fossil fuels in huge quantities, and as a result of the increase in industrial and agricultural production as a result of the permanent availability of electricity.
2 / An environment free from air pollution
3 / Not to face many famines and poverty situations
4 / You will not face major problems in climate change
5 / It will have a major role in rebuilding greener
6 / Increasing citizens' environmental awareness of the dangers of fossil fuels and their negative repercussions on the environment
7 / Decrease in the number of people with respiratory diseases
8 / Securing the future of future generations, as the family will raise its children on this principle, and generations will grow up on the same principle, and a successful generation will rise.

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