Five of the most polluted countries in the world

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Air pollution is a phenomenon that most countries in the world have pledged to solve, because it saves humanity from the danger of annihilation. However, many countries of the world are still suffering from both problems as a result of the absence of surveillance and industrial greed.

After that, I did a lot of research, and I classified the following countries as one of the most polluted countries in the world, unfortunately.

1- Tetovo - Macedonia

Tetovo is considered one of the most polluted cities in Europe, as the authorities overlook the monitoring and improvement of air quality, due to the spread of factories and the absence of control over the methods of heating and the use of old cars that produce carbon dioxide in the city. Air pollution kills thousands every year.

2- Kabul - Afghanistan

Shocking Afghan reports indicated that air pollution in the city of Kabul has claimed more lives than the ongoing war in it. Air pollution affects the health of children, women and men in the city, while the main cause of air pollution is the spread of old cars that emit carbon dioxide.

3- Kathmandu - Nepal

The city of temples, Kathmandu, has turned into a polluted city, covered in dust and smoke on every side, and where population rates are very dense, and its strategic location between two mountain peaks of 2000 to 2800 meters transforms it into a container that hinders the movement of air, which contributes to the increase in pollution rates. Up in the air.

4- Faridabad - India

Indian cities compete with each other to occupy the centers of the countries with the most air pollution, with 21 Indian cities out of 30 cities around the world that suffer from the worst air pollution in the world. Huge masses of polluted air are forming on the streets of Faridabad. The matter is no longer confined to a specific period of the year, but rather has become inherent in all periods of the year. The reason for this is the extensive use of firecrackers and the burning of agricultural crops, and the heavy rise in vehicles, cars, and dust resulting from large urban projects.

5- Ghaziabad - India

The Indian city of Ghaziabad is ranked fifth for the year 2020 as the most polluted city in the world, where smog accumulates, often causing a lack of vision, and air pollution causes thousands of deaths annually in the Indian half of the continent.

In the end, I will place my city, "Gaza" ..

Because of the war and the toxic gases that are being thrown at us, such as white phosphorous, which is banned internationally, our air is polluted, our sea is polluted, there are not many trees due to the high population density ..

Is there pollution in your country?

Do you suggest solutions that countries can overcome by their means of pollution?

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance
    17 May 2021

    This is a great post, focused_river, and you have obviously researched the topic very well. You emphasize the dangers of air pollution and the importance of addressing this issue around the world. What do you think we, as individuals, can do, to bring this issue to our government's attention, and to reduce levels of air pollution around the world?

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    1. global-conversation.png focused_river | Jabalia Prep C School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance's comment 19 May 2021

      I think that as a person from an occupied and besieged state and city, all I can do is publish reports and awareness-raising on the Internet, and on my personal level, I plant trees in our garden and on our land.
      You can visit the video here. I have posted it in the various forums, pages and groups on social networking sites here:
      , But I am sure that other people can do bigger things like protest demonstrations to support the environment, and they can also do workshops and volunteer work, and also they should be active on social media ..

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    18 May 2021

    Nine out of 10 people breathe polluted air around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Pollution with fatal consequences, with seven million people dying each year due to exposure to ambient air. Some 90% of these deaths occur in low-income countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. In New Delhi, the PM10 fine particle concentration rate thus reached 292 micrograms per cubic meter on average, while the WHO recommends a maximum value of 20 µg per day. A threshold not even respected in Paris, which records an average of 35 µg per cubic meter. In New Delhi, a resident loses an average of 10 years of life expectancy due to the persistent toxic haze, according to a report from November 2018. With 104 µg of PM10 per day, its neighbor Bombay (Mumbai) is not doing much better.
    Reducing pollution: the challenge of large cities
    Atmospheric pollution emanates mainly from human activities: road transport, energy production, industry, households ... It not only impacts human health, but also degrades ecosystems by damaging forests, rivers and reducing yields. agricultural. In India, the famous Taj Mahal itself is attacked by fumes from surrounding factories and tanneries.

    However, some cities are taking matters into their own hands. Beijing announced in February 2019 that it had reached its lowest level of pollution, with a concentration of fine particles PM2.5 of 51 micrograms per cubic meter. The city has not skimped on resources: closing and relocation of factories, development of clean energies, tree planting, ban on the most polluting vehicles ...

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  • John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg modest_donkey | John Ray Junior School
    19 May 2021

    Hi, focused_river!
    There is definitely pollution in my country (England), though it might not be as bad as in other countries.
    The main pollution here is plastic pollution- in the sea.
    I think to solve plastic pollution, someone should invent a biodegradable alternative to plastic, and people should have worse consequences for littering.

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells
      modest_donkey's comment 19 May 2021

      A good point modest_donkey about pollution problems in England. You say people should have worse consequences for littering, can you think of some consequences to littering which will stop people from littering and reduce plastic pollution?

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      1. John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg modest_donkey | John Ray Junior School
        Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells's comment 20 May 2021

        Well, fines obviously don’t work, and if it was a few years in prison, that wouldn’t work either.
        I’m not exactly sure what consequence would actually make people stop littering, but it has to be one that people take seriously.

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  • global-conversation.png nice_desert | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    19 May 2021

    If countries want to wipe out pollution, they have to build greener
    It must stop using fossil fuels, modern transportation, burning waste, cutting down forests, neglecting tree planting, desertification, throwing oil into the sea, consuming lake water in a large way that leads to drying out, and other actions that negatively affect the environment.

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