Final Piece: What effect would climate change have on the seasons?

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Final Piece: What effect would climate change have on the seasons? - By discreet_drum

While many people are throwing rubbish in the ocean, causing pollution and wasting lots of materials and essentials; they don’t realise how it’s contributing to climate change which is basically a long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth's local, regional and global climates. Fortunately, Lots of people including kids, adults scientists and other jobs are here to help stop climate change from affecting our planet and making us suffer. However, the effects of climate change are affecting some countries and areas. Lots of people have been wondering about the question of how climate change is going to affect our planet, but I'm thinking a little bit smaller into the issue, has anyone ever thought about what effect would climate change have on the seasons?

Due to climate change, shifting seasons are directly linked to warmer global temperatures, there’s a slight change in temperature which is enough to push the spring thaw earlier and delay the first frost until later in the fall. These environmental changes can also cause many trees and spring wildflowers to bloom earlier than typical. As a result, winters are shorter, spring is earlier, summers are longer and fall arrives later. Scientists have high confidence that the earlier arrival of spring events is linked to recent warming trends in the global climate. For example, an earlier spring might lead to longer growing seasons, more abundant invasive species and pests, and earlier and longer allergy seasons. Climate change could also have similar effects due to climate change on other seasons.


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