Final Piece: Green Energy

Featured Image – Building Back Greener 1

Hello, I'm encouraging_literature and this is my final piece for session 6 building back greener.

This picture shows windmills made of leaves and sticks. I picked this because I wanted to focus on green energy. Global warming is caused by greenhouses gasses (such as Carbon Dioxide or methane) entering our ozone layer. These greenhouses gasses act like a blanket around a world to trap heat in and make the world hotter. These gasses are caused by many things such as burning coal for energy. Windmills can help create energy in a way so the world will not be harmed. The windmills use the wind to push the large blades to create energy. This is green as it doesn't harm the atmosphere or the ozone layer and it is a useful way to create energy without damaging the environment. This picture of a windmill is a positive step forward towards making the world green.


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