Impact of the pandemic

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Pandemic refers to epidemic occuring world wide and on the other side environmental impact is also referred to effects that people's action have on the environment.

Environmental impact of the pandemic are political ,economic and socail due to the following views below but they are also negative and postive .

positive view include

  • In uganda, the gov't has refoced travel restriction ,promoting lockdowns thus also slowing down economic acticities hence reducing transport and industrial activities .
  • It reduce resource consumotion and waste disposal in a country thus promoting healt.
  • It reduce pressure in tourist destination among the tourism sector of a country.

Negative views include.

  • PPE use in the public has affected the people in the communities thus promoting poor health ,in addition to that to hamper recycling activities have also lead to poor use of PPE.
  • There has also been increasd medical waste thus leading to high demand of health medince .
  • haphazard disposal of PPE.
  • Increase in municipal waste (air, water, soil pollution )
  • Lessenrecycling activities

Inculusion , the environmental imacts of the pandemic are political, social, economic and they are also negative as listed above.

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