Environmental Effects Of The Covid-19

Environmental Effects of The

covid -19 Pandemic

  • My name is “agreeable_lion” and I write this to inform you about the effects of the Covid – 19 pandemic had in my country, Nigeria and the world.

The break out of the covid – 19 pandemic put the whole world in grievous shock. People lived peacefully not having to worry about contacting a deadly illness know as the covid – 19 (corona virus) as we know it. Though the worst of all the plagues have come and gone, it still had quiet an effect on the world. Thus, saying that it had it’s good and bad effects on the world.

  • One of the positive effects it had on the world is that it reduced the rate and level of human activities because of the limitation of movements of people to avoid contact which helped avoid the spread of the deadly virus. It limited human movement thus stopping of the use of cars with dangerous exhaust fossil fuels which is one of the major causes of the depiction of the ozone layer. This is a result of Carbon (iv) oxide generated by auto-mobiles. It is then released to be present in the atmosphere which depicts the ozone layer and exposes the earth to ultra-violet rays that are very harmful to humans.
  • Another positive effect of the lockdown caused by Covid – 19 is also the reduction of use of vehicles which reduced the rate of noise pollution. As seen above, use of vehicles were reduced thus causing the rate of noise in the environment.
  • Upon the fact that Covid – 19 had its positive effects, it had its negative effects.
  • The deadly virus, Covid – 19 caused a high toll of job losses, both private and publicly all around the world. It forced the shutdown of government and individual businesses.

One of the negative effects of Covid – 19 on the world was that it took a large number of lives. It caused the death of over three million people and still even counting. The deadly virus also claimed over two thousand lives in my country, Nigeria.

In my country, Nigeria, students in classes Grade nine and Grade twelve, the classes writing external exams for the WestAfrican Examination Council (WAEC) were delayed from writing their exams for some time which cost a great shift in the normal educational schedule .

In conclusion Covid – 19 had both its merits and demerits on the world.

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  • global-conversation.png trustful_technology | Ras Beirut Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    21 Apr 2021

    Covid - 19 has a larger impact on poor(er) countries, mostly because of lockdown, most people won't be able to buy food, and they couldn't afford to prepare before the lockdown, on the otherhand, rich(er) countries would have it better for them, like for example in America, they are giving away stimulus checks for all of the people in their country , and each one of those stimulus checks have around 1000$, mutiply that buy the number of people in the U.S,that would be a lot of money.

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  • global-conversation.png diplomatic_brain | Ras Beirut Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    23 Apr 2021

    Covid-19 has a very large impact on all the countries especially poor ones. You might be asking why? Well, poor countries are currently facing hunger and lack of important supplies that made them not totally prepared for this pandemic. However, rich countries have everything prepared for the pandemic from food and supplies. For example, very rich and advanced countries are currently distributing money and checks for people in order to buy their important items to get through this pandemic.
    Thank you for reading.

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