Environmental Effects of COVID-19

  • The corona virus pandemic hit us hard and unexpectedly. It came with both positive and negative effects. Let see the negative effects.
  • During the pandemic in Nigeria, lockdown was imposed in almost every state and there was a downside…hunger. A lot of workers relied on daily wages for manual labour at construction sites and due to the lockdown, their main sources of income had been terminated. They no longer had money for upkeep and slowly but painfully, hunger was eating people up.
  • Also, people had to start adapting to lifestyles they never thought of living. For example, wearing of face masks in public places. Face masks were like a “doctors only” product, but it soon took over sales in the market. Washing of hands almost always was a habit a lot of people needed to cultivate.
  • Lastly, the social distancing rule that was brought after the lockdown was released, was hard to abide by. It made a lot of people feel lonely, sad and depressed especially for the fact that visitations were not advisable at that period. For people who lived alone and had no access to modern technology had a lot of lonely days.
  • In the positive aspect, the environment took time to heal from all human activities. When I had the opportunity to leave my house during the lockdown, I saw how neat the streets were and how peaceful the environment was. The harmful activities of humans were put on hold, therefore giving the earth recovery time.
  • Some African countries introduced online learning during the pandemic to encourage students, that learning could be done anywhere. Most students had the experience for the first time which exposed them to technology. Though not everyone had the chance, the ones who did, had life changing experiences.

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