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The corona-virus had a lot of effect on both man and its enviroment.

During the lockdown animals were free to walk around, they even slept on the road. Because there was less traffic, since everybody was on lockdown.

There was also change in south africa's kruger national park, lions began sleeping on the road, because there was less traffic.

There was clearer canals in venice, Italy for the frist time in 60years, because there was no industries avaliable to pollute the sky.

The society and enviroment was less drity, because there was no body outside the enviroment to drity it.

There was no global warming, because every one was on lock down so there was no body to cause emission from fossil fuels combustion and increase in the release of carbon(iv)oxide to the atmosphere.

There was no green house effect, because there was no one to release watervapour, carbon(iv)oxide, methane, nitrogen(ii)oxide and ozone, which blocks the heat of the sun which is carried by infaraed radiation.

There was aiso no flooding in the enviroment, because there was no one to throw drits into the guttres which cause blockage .

There was also no deforestation in the enviroment, because there was no one to cut down or burn the trees, because they were all on lock down.

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