Effect Of Covid-19 On Schools In LDCs

Hello I am trustworthy_leaf, and I wanted to talk about the effect of Covid-19 on schools. Covid-19 as affected many different sectors of the economy such as education, medicine, transport and many others both positively and negatively.

But today I am here to talk about the effects of Covid-19 on schools in detail from my point of veiw. I don't think there were any positive effects of Covid-19 on schools but if I am wrong please point them out.

First of all, when the lockdown in my country was eased, the government allowed candidate classes to open. According to Uganda's education system the candidate classes are P.7, S.4, S.6 and final years in the Universties.This meant that fewer children than usual were going to be admitted bringing in less income than normal.

But the government put conditions that would determine if the schools would open or remain closed until they were met and this was that SOP's - Standard Operating Procedures had to be followed. So the schools had to install hand washing facilties, buy temperature guns, sanitize the classrooms once a week and ensure that there was social distancing among students both in the classrooms and in dormitories. And when I did my research I found out that all these new adjustments would be very expensive.

Schools also faced a problem of lack of enough labour. This was caused by three things.

1) Lack of enough money to pay the staff since the income received by the school reduced by more than 75% since the school fees reduced and so did the number of children paying school fees.

2)Some teachers lost their lives due to the disease and other things during the lockdown.

3)Lack of skilled teachers to teach children.

Some schools were not able to keep running so some ended up shutting down due to lack of funds to pay the bills.

From the children's side some children were not able to pay school fees because of the following reasons;

i) Some children lost their parents during the lockdown.

ii) Some children's parents lost their jobs.

iii) Some children were impregnanted but the government told the schools to allow pregnant girls since some were just raped. Even though this policy was created some pregnant girls were disowned by their parents.

So in conclusion, this pandemic has left a large dent in the education sector of LDCs like Uganda though our government is lookng for ways to restore and improve the education sector of our country.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance
    21 Apr 2021

    Hi trustworthy_leaf, this is a very good post and you have researched the topic well, giving a range of explanations for your conclusion. You say that the pandemic has left a large dent in the education sector in LDCs such as Uganda (and I agree that the effect on education has been primarily negative). Why do you think it is important for governments to recognize this and address the problem?

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  • global-conversation.png trustworthy_leaf | Green Hill Academy Kibuli | Uganda
    22 Apr 2021

    Thank you, I think it important for the governments to recognize the problem and address it because education along side morals is what is training the future generation to continue taking countries to greater heights.

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