Earth day

Let's save our planet ; It is in danger the air is becoming unbreathable because it is becoming more and more filthy . (Polluted) because of the smoke released from cars and factories . Pollution is really making our life gloomy and unbearable . Day after day , people are suffering from mortal illnesses and our initial duty is to save our planet and to save living creatures human beings , animals and plants from extinction . People must be conscious of the real dangers that are there ate ning their lives . They must stop being so egoist and si greedy . Let's raise money for animals protection by establishing for them conservation . If we drive less cars , walk or ride , we reduce fuel , smoke ,pollution , illnesses and of course death. Let's stop throwing rubbish. Recycling is important because it reduces landfills and helps us save our natural resources . Hand in hand, please let's have a nice enjoyable life in a peaceful clean environment.

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  • global-conversation.png witty_ferret | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    23 Apr 2021

    World Earth Day is a great day to talk about. People talk about afforestation, and ways to stop global warming and pollution. We tell people to build industries far from homes and communities,burning of fossils in our environment is not good because it can affect the ozone layer, and bring excess heat into the world.

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  • global-conversation.png sociable_acorn | Khaznadar Pioneer Preparatory School | Tunisia
    26 Apr 2021

    Hi everyone, you know all that the 22 april is the Earth Day . This is a special day because it's an annual event to demonstrate support for environment protection.
    In fact, this day is intended to make people aware of the importance of our earth which is our source of life.
    But why is it created this famous day? This day was created because for a long while the planet has been facing a big danger because of the pollution and many other problems . Our animals are endangered .Our environment is destroyed .Our earth 🌎 is not the same since the new technology invaded it .Our planet was greener and richer of nature and many livelihood .But unfortunately we are destroying it. Our earth is desperately needing your help.
    That's why I took this opportunity to talk about some simple actions we can do to save our earth and preserve the environment:
    *Decreasing consumption of the water and the energy .
    * Using the solar and the water energy.
    * not throwing rubnish everywhere.
    * Planting trees .
    * Feeding animals.
    * Using bikes instead of cars to decrease the pollution.
    *Doing cleaning campaigns.
    * Recycling things
    These are the most simple actions to do to help our lovely planet.
    Let's begin now !
    our earth 🌎 counts on our actions, and every action counts !

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