Earth becomes extinct

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The past versus the present, which is better for the environment?

In the past, man used to benefit from the environment as we do in the present. However, in the past, man used to benefit from it according to his needs, whether with wood, fruits, or fishing ..

In the present, especially after the industrial revolution around the nineteenth century (19), when steam machines started to pollute the air, and factories began to waste the air and pollute the water with their residues, and man began to use pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to the environment and to humans, forgetting that they would pollute the groundwater And they began cutting trees to build houses, and they began to use the oil that polluted the air, and they began to enter wars using poisonous gas and weapons containing gunpowder that polluted the environment, and soon they used nuclear weapons that polluted the land, water and air. And it led to congenital deformities in children and women. Epidemics and diseases that killed humans and animals soon appeared, and we forgot the hunting that led to the extinction of many species, whether they were land, sea or air ..

All these things have corrupted the ozone layer, which protects the earth from the passage of dangerous radiation from the sun, and due to human actions, we suffer from global warming ..

Since its inception, the earth has gone through five extinctions, but I see that it is currently going through its sixth extinction, which will be the greatest and the largest due to mankind, unless we find solutions to this crisis ..

How can we protect the environment?

Simply by increasing the green areas, we can plant at least a tree, this tree will be a help to the environment, we can replace the environmentally harmful things with friendly ones, instead of riding private transportation we can ride the public, you must abstain from smoking, oil must be replaced with renewable energy

We can reuse and recycle, factories must be kept away from residential areas, and wars must be abolished and prevented ..

Are vegetarians friends of the environment?

Yes, they are, since although livestock waste is beneficial to the soil, too much of it harms the soil.

Being a vegetarian means abstaining from eating meat; And thus reducing the problem of the concentration of waste in the soil or the problem of its water leakage.

Is it healthy to become a vegetarian?

In my opinion, I find that it is dangerous to become a vegetarian, you will have a higher incidence of osteoporosis than meat-eaters, and because plants do not contain vitamin B12 or iron, but this problem can be solved by taking nutritional supplements.

I think that in the future I will be a vegetarian.

And you are water, do you think?

I got my information by researching and reading many books and articles on BNC ..

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