Different people's reactions to the climate problem

Climate problem

We had a problem with taking the cause of the remarkable progress that had occurred in the previous century,Because of human greed and ignorance About what this problem , And the continuation of this ignorance led to the planet facing the problem of global warming , And the problem of pollution and many other problems ,Even in this century, there are still many people who underestimate this serious problem and think that it is just a game or ignore it because they believe that it's a problem of the next century and that it will not come in their time,The smallest tree that can be planted on this planet may save us and delay the occurrence of this disaster ..

If each of us planted one tree, this would contribute greatly to solving this crisis.

Reactions to a climate problem vary depending on where they live. The reactions people take also differ depending on where they live ..

I believe that the people who live on the islands are the people who will be very afraid of this problem, so they will be afraid of drowning and the rising waves resulting from melting ice in the poles.

I think that the reactions of two parts of people who live in the Antarctic and North Poles, where some of them will agree that the climate problem is a serious problem, and some of them will reject this problem and say that it is a good thing for them because they will become not freezing and their climate will become better and the practice of their life activities will improve , Many problems occur between these two sections of people, as one part creates solutions to this problem and will take measures, and the other will spoil these solutions because it thinks that this change is a positive thing, and at that time many problems will occur that may lead to igniting wars and killing many Of people and spoiling nature in an extreme way , And the people who live at the equator will be the most people who understand this problem, and I believe that they are the most people who will stand with the environment and take measures to protect nature. Environment, and some of them reject this measure or will ignore it , All this will result from a lack of awareness, so we must spread this problem widely so that people understand this problem and know its seriousness and strive to take measures before it is too late.

What if an influential leader of this world told people about the climate problem?

At the time, I think that people understand the seriousness of this problem more than if environmental activists tell them about it, although the activist will be more reliable and it will also be better than being a student who tells people about the seriousness of this problem because people often do not believe children and this is a very big problem ..

And if every leader of each country took measures or put in place any laws to protect the environment; The smallest laws can make a difference. I think that a climate problem can disappear or diminish dramatically, and if the media focus on this problem, I am sure that it will be solved ..

There are some people who will say that they will not affect the climate problem because they are just one person, but this is completely wrong; If every person on this planet said that it is not his problem, then the problem will become a big problem, and the planet will become a landfill, as every person will continue to waste on the earth and will continue to cut down trees, then the land will be in ruins.

There are 7 billion people on earth. If everyone planted a tree, it would become 7 billion trees.

There are more than 190 heads of state on the ground. If each of them takes .action, the climate problem would disappear by 2030.

In conclusion, I will tell you the name of the best events that I follow and care about its information, which is the Paris conference, which hosts more than forty leaders of the countries who are discussing climate change and the solutions that can be taken, as America has developed a plan by 2030, they will have doubled the emissions of some toxic gases in America ..

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  • global-conversation.png fairminded_tuba | New Tafo M/A (FEDEN) JHS | Ghana
    07 May 2021

    Covid-19 is a disease which is caused by a virus called Corona virus. Covid-19 originated from China in the year 2019 and since then it has killed millions of people all over the world.

    Climate Change refers to the change in the average weather conditions of a place studied over a long period of time.

    Upon the emergence of Covid-19, more focus has been thrown on Covid-19 than on climate change.

    Why has more focus been placed on Covid-19 than on climate change?
    Covid-19 is a pandemic that kills human beings within a short space of time. As a result, the whole wide world's attention is fixed on Covid-19, neglecting climate change.

    Also, the emergence of Covid-19 forced so many countries to embark on lockdowns. These lockdowns made it impossible for citizens to go out and work in order to put food on the table. This facilitated the breakdown of the economies of most countries. The breakdown of the economies brought hardship (poverty) upon the citizens of those countries.

    Again, in my opinion, more focus has been thrown on Covid-19 because so many people are ignorant of the effects of climate change on the environment. Many are not aware that bush burning, for instance, releases excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which tends to bring about depletion of the ozone layer, thereby causing global warming and greenhouse effect. As a result, their focus is not placed on the activities that cause changes in climate meanwhile research proves that, the death rate caused as a result of the effects of climate change is higher than that of Covid-19.

    Placing more focus on Covid-19, was it bound to happen?
    In my opinion, throwing more focus on Covid-19 than on climate change was bound to happen since the effects of Covid-19 occur more rapidly than those of climate change.

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