CROCODILE group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation

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Welcome to this week's cluster conversation! Not sure what cluster your school is in? Check here.

How could where someone lives affect their opinion about “building back greener”?

Top tips:

  • To help, you should think about the answers to these questions: can you see the effects of climate change where you live? How?
  • We want to hear about your experience where you live. The best comments will answer the question and explain why your experiences have led to your opinion.
  • A cluster conversation is small group of 30 schools that you will get to know really well. Try to reply to other people, ask questions about their answers and learn more about what life is like where they live.
  • A new cluster conversation question will be posted every Monday.
  • You can use this to help start your answer, "People's opinion about "building back greener" could be affected by where they live because... Where I live..."

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