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Welcome to this week's cluster conversation! Not sure what cluster your school is in? Check here.

There are different ways to "build back greener". Here's a recap:

  • INVEST IN GREEN ENERGY = Stop using fossil fuels (coal, crude oil and natural gas) and start using environmentally friendly energy sources. For example, renewable energy or nuclear power.
  • SUPPORT GREEN BUSINESSES = Give money to businesses that are environmentally friendly
  • HELP NATURE = For example, by planting trees, reducing pollution or protecting habitats
  • SUPPORT GREEN RESEARCH = Give money to help experts find out how to slow climate change
  • INVEST IN GREEN TRANSPORT = Make transport more environmentally friendly. For example, make more electric cars or a green public-transport system.

Which of these ways to “build back greener” is the most important for your country?

Top tips:

  • We want to hear about your experience where you live. The best comments will answer the question and explain why your experiences have led to your opinion.
  • A cluster conversation is small group of 30 schools that you will get to know really well. Try to reply to other people, ask questions about their answers and learn more about what life is like where they live.
  • A new cluster conversation question will be posted every Monday.
  • You can use this to help start your answer, "I think the most important way to "build back greener" in [your country] is... I think this because where I live..."

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