Covid V. Climate

What They Are.

For decades Climate Change in our enviroment has been such a big issue people have been cutting down trees and burning fossil fuels and all sorts of different things for our environment this is called global warming, but there are all kinds of small changes that can help our environment for example lots of people quit smoking, pick up litter, stop bying plastic and stop wasting water and electricy. Even in Boutcher C.E. Primary School we have our very own green screen many other people have green screens as well they could even be in your garden our balcony and because of the pollution in the air we don't really get to see stars in the night sky anymore. Now let's talk about Covid-19 well first of all just so people who read this know Coronavirus started years before Covid in fact I heard that it might have even started way back in the early 2000s, but Covid-19 is the new deadly virus it started in 2019, two yaers ago which is obviously why it's called Covid-19 and it has become a GLOBAL PANDEMIC WORLDWIDE. PEOPLE DIE FROM IT EVER SINGLE DAY and Lockdown Tiers in this country just kept getting worse last year. Eventhough why are slowly getting back out of Locdown it's not fully yet but we are all doing our best to help the world fight Covid-19 and hopefully it'll end soon.

My Opinion

In my opinion they are both big problems that the world is facing and we must all around the world do our best to fight the both of them so Planet Earth can be a safe, happy, virus-free climate with people who try there best to take care of it and do as they are told because the Wiseest Know best and since Climate Change and Covid-19 our big issues horribly affecting our Planet the small changes and big differences will keep the population alive. I am also extremely happy to hear that all Country Managers are going to be meeting together in the Summer to talk about Climate Chenge and ever single Contry Ruler and Manager are doing all they can to help us stop Covid-19 from spreading around The World.

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