Covid-19 a curse or a blessing?

In our days, Covid-19 spread in the world and caused a lot of damage for the humanity. More than 141 M people were contaminated and 3m were dead due to this virus. So if I ask you :"what do you think about this virus?" you will absolutly say: "It is just a curse from God to punish us for our greed !". But if we really think about it, we will find that the corona virus has many environmantal effects.

-Today, let's talk about its advantages. The global disruption caused by this virus has brought about several effects on the environment and climate.

  • 1- Reduction of air pollution:

*The Covid-19 has spread in the world and day by day it becomes stronger and faster. So to make a limit to this frightening spread, all the countries around the world advertise a compolsory lockdown. So, citizens were obliged to stay home by the law. they can't go to work, go to study or even go outside to play. you can't get out of your house. You have just the right to go out to buy food just when it's necessary. As result, in Tunisia for exemple, the use of the car became rare or even unnecessary. And all of us know that cars release CO2 wich is one of the most dangerous gaz who cause the rupture of the ozone layer. So when we stopped using cars, the proportion of CO2 and air pollution in general decrease. In America for example, Compared with this time of last year, levels of air pollution in New York has reduced by nearly 50% because of measures taken to control this virus. In the same way, in China, due to the lockdown of all the heavy industries, it was declared that nearly 50% reduction of N2O and CO occurred. Some studies say that if the shutdown will continue, the ozon layer will health and that's good news for us in this hard situation.

  • 2-Reduction of water pollution:

In our days, water polution is one of the biggest problems in the world. In some developing countries such as India drinkable water become rare because of the irresponsable actions of the people. They throw all their domestic and industrial wastes in rivers without caring about the fish. Some studies say that 100 millions marin animals die each year because of the plastic wastes. But after the lockdown, water polution decreased and rivers become cleaner. For example, the river Ganga and Yamuna have reached a significant level of purity due to the absence of industrial pollution on the days of lockdown in India wich is a really good sign of an improvement in the situation.

All in all, the Covid-19 has many advantages that a lot a us doesn't know. And in my opinion we should deeply think whether the Covid-19 was a curse or a blessing?

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  • global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    21 Apr 2021

    COVID19 can never be a blessing to the world but in some ways has it own positive effects:in the lockdown no factories where at work , cars where not moving so it reduced the amount of carbon mono oxide from factories that produce smoke and cars into the atmosphere to cause diseases such as 1.dull headache
    4.blurred vision
    And so at those times all we where breathing in was clean air

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells
      trustworthy_editor's comment 22 Apr 2021

      Thanks for your comment. A good point on how the pandemic has led to countries having cleaner air. Can you think of ways the pandemic has impacted negatively on the environment?

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      1. global-conversation.png flowing_mulberry | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
        Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells's comment 22 Apr 2021

        From years ago, the planet was in pain because of the human's greed. But today a new competitor comes from the nowhere and he's also a threat for the environment. It's called the Coronavirus.
        In our days, this virus spread and still making dammage to the nature. So I looked for some updated facts about the impact of the pandemic on our environment and let me share with these findings:
        1-Increasing of biomedical waste generation:
        From the begening of this pandemec, the medecal wastes increase in all around the world to face this virus specially in Wohan (in China) who produced more than 240 metric tons of medecal wastes every single day during the time of the outbreak , which is almost 190 m tonnes higher than the normal time. Also in the city of Ahmedabab of India, the medecal wastes generation increase from 550kg per day to 1000 kg per day in the begening of the pandemic.
        And such a sudden increase make a danger for the environment and the humanity. So their proper management has become a significant challenge to the local waste management authorities.
        2-Safety equipment use and haphazard disposal:
        To be proteccted from Covid-19, people use face masks, hand gloves and other safety equipment. So to provide the appropriate quantitie, the production of these equipments increased from the first phase of the pandemic. In China for example, the production of masks rises to 14.8 million in 2020 which is higher then the past. But, due to lack of knowedge about infectious waste management, most of poeple dump these wastes in public places or with de domestic wastes. As result, this irresponseble actions creates clogging in water ways and worsen environment pollution.
        3-Use intense of the disinfectants:
        In our days, using disinfectants is applied into roads, commercial, and residential areas to exterminate the Corona virus. But such intense use of disinfectants may kill non-targeted beneficial species, which may create ecological imbalance. Also the excessive use of chlorine in water could generate harmful by-product.
        As a conclusion, Covid-19 has many bad environmental effects. So we must find a solution before losing the war with this invisibile enemy.
        Source of statistics and informations: National Librery Of Medcine.

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        1. tom Tom @ the BNC
          flowing_mulberry's comment 23 Apr 2021

          Excellent research, flowing_mulberry!

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      2. global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
        Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells's comment 22 Apr 2021

        Negative impact of covid19 on the environment:
        Covid19 has make people not to be friendly with strangers because they are afraid they will get infected by the coronavirus pandemic

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      3. global-conversation.png open_knowledge | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Melinda Jones @ Hogan Lovells's comment 25 Apr 2021

        In recent times, when we mention the environment, the positive impact of the Corona virus on the environment and the positive change it has brought about comes to our minds and we all noticed this change in various countries and we do not deny it, but everything has positive and negative aspects, Corona virus has negative aspects on the environment, so the demand for masks and sterilizers increased And gloves. Suddenly plastic waste increased around the world, as well as what made it more difficult or not to dispose of it properly by throwing it in the streets and water, making it a new pest that increases pollution and threatens the earth

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    2. global-conversation.png flowing_mulberry | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
      trustworthy_editor's comment 22 Apr 2021

      First thanks for your comment and I want to tell you that I gree with you but if we think deeply we will understand that the covid-19 is a blessing NOT for humanity but for our mother the earth because due to the lockdown, as you said air pollution decrease and the animals were able to reproduce peacefully without being killed by hunters. And in my opinion our big mother the earth who was in pain for years without saying any thing deserve some rest even if it depends some sacrifices. I hope that you understand me and I'm exited to know if you agree with me or not.

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      1. global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
        flowing_mulberry's comment 22 Apr 2021

        I agree with what you are saying
        It is true that mother Earth deserve a rest because the activities of man has made mother earth very dirty so maybe all this tragedies are happening for a purpose or maybe God intentionally made all this to happen so that mother Earth can have it rest

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  • global-conversation.png efficient_drawing | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Apr 2021

    I would like to inquire about this topic or ask you
    We must build the community and the environment in which we are stone by stone, but how can we do this because Virus Covid 19 has prevented us from leaving What do you think of this?

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    1. global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
      efficient_drawing's comment 22 Apr 2021

      All we must do is to concentrate on covid 19 and think about the future

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    22 Apr 2021

    Although the Corona pandemic has inflicted severe damage on the entire world, health, economic and social, its impact will continue for several years, but it has positive effects as well. Indeed, there are those who see that the pandemic is not only a curse, but a blessing as well!
    It is true, that Corona brought us into the intensive care rooms, and in a harsh and painful atmosphere, the most pessimists did not expect what happened, in addition to that it drained the energies of countries and men of health, security, economy and various sectors, who came and are still making tremendous efforts to encircle the epidemic, in Positions that will remain immortal in the memory of history, but the question still plagues some of them, why after all this ... Corona is a blessing and has advantages as well?
    The answer from my point of view: The Corona epidemic has a clear impact on society. On the local level, it has proven the strength and solidity of the health sector and its loyal men, and has proven the government's competence by studying the situation and anticipating events, by taking many unprecedented precautionary measures. Among them is the suspension of prayer in the mosques, the completion of the educational process from a distance, and from the personal aspects near the distance, and families converged in the crisis, by not leaving the house and staying in the same surroundings, but rather converging views,Some formed events and games inside the house, which resulted in the exploration of new hobbies and many talents. Including writing, singing, playing, cooking, acting, and others. The crisis also contributed to an increase in the concern and awareness of some through health measures, following the necessary laws and procedures, and not leaving except when absolutely necessary

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    1. global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
      observant_sparrow's comment 22 Apr 2021

      I agree with what u are saying
      And also it has make washing of hands adected to some people and covering of mouth with elbow when coughing

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  • Preston Manor School fierce_harmonica | Preston Manor School
    22 Apr 2021

    I believe that for many of us,COVID-19 has been a big heap of trouble as thousands of people died of it and we were all forced to work at home,away from our friends.Thousands of people were on furlough and lost their joba.Despite the hard separation of family members,an important lesson we learnt is that we are passing thousands of germs each time we touch someone or something.We now understand the importance of being clean and since people didn't go out as much,it also lowered pollution.Although it took time adjusting to the new norm,when we work together,we can achieve anything.However,the effect of COVID was really bad for many people losing their lives and it became compulsory to wear masks in public transport but it helped nature to grow and animals to survive.We also learned that we all needed a break,and that staying together and bonding with family is very important to us all and not a thing that we usually get to do all the time.Even with large events like the Olympics being canceled,people protested on the streets for BLM.It was one of the first sights of unity and diversity we had seen in ages and it was all over the World.We even saw the New President of America Joe Biden take is first steps into the White House after a majority of Americans voted for him.And when schools reopened,sadly,pupils couldn't return to hug their friends and had to stay in bubbles wearing masks.It was especially hard for primary schools.The children might swap masks or hug their friends!There were a lot of struggles of reopening schools and people couldn't relax on hot summer days. There were some pretty violent protests,but also very peaceful ones and soon,social distancing rules were followed.We can't say for sure whether we'll have a 4th or 5th wave,but if we stick to the rules and stay united ,one day,we will fight this deadly disease.Now I will never say COVID has been a blessing because evidently it has not,with holiday trips cancelled,schools cancelled,movies cancelled and our lives shaken upside-down.Look ,I know it's hard to wear masks,keep distance and sanitize all the time, but if we look towards the future and follow the rules,one day,we will get that blessing.And the virus will finally be over...

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  • global-conversation.png flourished_explanation | New Tafo M/A (CRIG) JHS | Ghana
    22 Apr 2021

    In my opinion I think covid-19 is not a curse only because it has stable carbon cycle in most parts of the world before the pandemic came the carbon cycle was disrupted by indiscriminate cutting of trees ,industrilization and pollution. since the pandemic came and there were lockdowns all around the world and most of carbon dioxide were inhaled by trees and this help reduced carbon in the atmosphere which stabled carbon cycle

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  • global-conversation.png jovial_ladder | Junior Secondary School, Gwagwalada | Nigeria
    22 Apr 2021

    Covid-19 can never bring blessing to the world. But in some countries like nigeria, there are some places e.g Gwagwalada , is hot and the pandemic cannot spread easily, even in that case some people still get infected and die, so covid-19 doesn't bring blessing

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