Country 3: the poorest country being borrowed $5,000,000

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Being the president of my country Nigeria ,and my country as one as the poorest. Has been affected by climate change. Before the pandemic ,they was not enough money to fully support schools ,hospitals or towns and cities .Now my country is behind other countries it can't afford vaccination for it's population. Having hearing about the idea that $5,000,000 is going to be lent out to each country I was so excited and I have plan of:

One, investing $1,500,000 on health because the popular saying .I believe that a sick person cannot go to school in a bad conditions and even if he can go to school he will hardly achieve something so health comes first. I would build hospitals and equip it with well functioning machines I will not Invest in buying vaccines from other countries because In My country we have well talented , skilled , brilliant doctors and medical students. So I will nurture that talent in them .Making having the Love for their country and through that they will be willing to help their country. And through that they My country can become one of the best place for health treatment in the world.

Two, I will invest $1,000,000 on schools ,school equipment ,learning facilities and education in general .Schools are needed to acquire knowledge but schools without learning facilities are not schools for students that are talented that is physically or psychologically. So in order to were learning is practical base so we need those learning facilities that will make that possible because of that I didn't mention education only.

Three ,I will invest $500,000 on research . I will employ experts that are more talented me to aid in researching the way that we can build back greener and steps to take in attacking climate change forever that is for my country and the world at large .

Four , I will invest $500,000 in renewable energy using the best source of renewable energy in Nigeria that is the sun , employing Nigerian engineers that are talented and skilled to come together and make good solar panels . I choose my country's engineers so that they won't be jobless or think that their talents and skills are for waste .

Five , I will invest $1,000,000 on social amenities e.g roads , electricity, sea and air ports, water , security e.t.c. because we need good and regular power supply ,prevent accidents and make travelling easy .

Six , $250,000 to create a place where people come to learn vocations either with hands or machines like tailoring and the rest , so that they can be self reliant .

Seven , $250,000 will be used to provide homes for the homeless people and food in my country .

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