Coronavirus and the environment


Corona and environment

Nature response to some of the challenges that humans made today it purifies the air we breathe clean the water we drink produces a variety of food we need to stay healthy and also helps reduce the impact of climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, and also reduce air pollution and help cool cities and what are we humans by Nature do for the services it provides to us?

1- we have raised the rate of air pollution from gases in factories

2- We increased the global temperature due to global warming

3-And reduce biodiversity in an unprecedented way

Now is the time to look at nature in the climate in the coronavirus has given us an opportunity to reconsider our relationship with nature as we humans should improve it a little , there is a group of people who helped nature but this is not enough all people around the world should look at nature and has

coronavirus positive impacts on nature, many of you may not agree with me that Corona is beneficial and harmful and not only harmful to your opinion maybe that Corona has negative effects on people's lives directly climate change the nature it is true but we must focus on the positive effects, let us overcome this ordeal with the least losses in return to a normal life and have the positive effects of Corona with us and these effect : the dangers of climate change concern for nature and help it Thrive we are hurting the planet with what we do and we have to change our habits like throwing garbage burning fuelb coal and others

And to convince you that we must look at nature climate in the positive effects of Corona on it , these are some of the effects that must continue and being permanent Prosperity even if we return to a normal life

1_ reducing carbon emissions by 25% a scientist has estimated saving at least 77,000 animals in 2 months

2- in India after the country imposed a ban air pollution drop to its lowest level in the spring according to the energy and Clean Air Research Center

3_ in China the International Center for climate research Cicero a firm dead air pollution in China has decreased by 20 to 30% the center scientists expected of her between 50 and 100000 premature death

4- wild animals in South Africa Australia in the curfew until many animals wandered on the roads after the closure measures in cities such as lions in South Africa kangaroo in Australia and deer in Japan and others

I hope this is compelling enough to change people's perceptions of coronavirus nature toward wildlife and climate change and we hope you like it .

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    22 Apr 2021

    Coronavirus affects the environment and climate in a tangible way in several aspects; Decreased level of air pollution in commercial areas, a decrease of 25 percent reduction of the graph, a living organism over a period of two months. In spite of that, this leads at that time, an interpretation of that, its role in diplomatic costs in the costs of its impact in postponing the United Nations Climate Change Conference for 2020, and it is expected that this in the role of economic repercussions from it to slow down investment in energy technologies Green.
    The intensity of climate change has increased in the world, and its negative effects are clearly visible in various ecosystems, through climate fluctuations, frequent drought cycles, flash floods, and others. We have seen how the international organization, with its various modernized organs and institutions, has sought through international conferences and meetings held since the 1972 Stockholm conference to mobilize support for advocacy for environmental issues by all actors nationally, regionally and globally, in addition to developing practical plans and programs that help countries crystallize their development and educational projects. According to the principle of precaution and comprehensive awareness of the general public.
    But the end of the year 2019 will mark the beginning of the emergence of the Kurna pandemic in the state of China, to spread gradually to various parts of the world, so the pandemic has become a global dimension similar to the current environmental problems, and after the spread of the Corona pandemic, most countries of the world took the initiative to impose a set of restrictions on economic activities and the movement of land and sea transport. And air, in addition to closing unnecessary industrial establishments and adopting quarantine for the population, all with the aim of limiting the spread of the epidemic and encircling it, or at least alleviating the severity of infection and death.
    It is indisputable that the survival of people in their homes is in the interest of the planet, which may lead to saying that despite the absence of any benefits for the current epidemic, the consequent prohibition of unnecessary movements and the imposition of complete closure measures in some countries of the world, made us able to monitor The positive changes that are occurring on our planet due to the absence of its inhabitants from it in general for the first time ever, as is the case now.
    Through satellite images published by the US Space Agency (NASA) and the European Space Agency, a decrease in China’s emissions of nitrogen dioxide, which is mostly caused by the use of fossil fuels, was observed in January and February. This was caused by the economic slowdown in this country, which is considered the largest polluter in the world and the source of the Corona pandemic, during the quarantine period.
    According to results obtained by researchers from the Energy and Clean Air Research Center, which specializes in studying the health consequences of air pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, in turn resulting from the use of fossil fuels, have also decreased by 25 percent due to the measures taken to contain the epidemic outbreak of the virus. The new Corona.
    The situation in Italy was no different, as data obtained from similar satellite images revealed that nitrogen dioxide emissions also decreased in the north of the country, and that the canals in Italian Venice have become unprecedentedly clear and clean, after they were muddied by the boat engines that used to be Tourists wandered between the neighborhoods of this city, in addition to the return of fish and marine creatures after people moved away from the streets.
    In addition, the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, especially carbon dioxide, decreased by 30% for the first time in thirty years. As well as a significant decrease in the demand for oil and other natural resources, and the heavy machinery in many locations stopped their continuous crushing of nature during the work of quarries and crushers. In addition, millions of tourists have stopped generating pollution and the continuous disturbance of natural systems on the seashore and other sites. As of this moment, we do not have data on changes in the wildlife trade. However, we can estimate that a serious curtailment has occurred here as well, due to paralysis of airports, which are one of the preferred routes for smugglers.

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  • Hammond School logo rhetorical_interaction | Hammond Junior School C
    21 May 2021

    observant_sparrow that comment is as big as the actual post! Well done

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