Comparing these two different cartoon


In the first cartoon, two caricatures, representing the earth and covid 19 are fighting in a wrestling arena. The earth is seemingly winning even though covid doesn't look close to giving up. The message here is that, even if we are still fighting, we are close to victory. It's an optimistic approach to the current events the world is facing.

However, in the second cartoon, the full picture is shown, we see an opponent labeled as "climate change".Stronger and more menacing than covid , he is waiting for his turn to compete against the earth after the preliminary round. We realize that covid was nothing but the beginning. Just a preparation for what comes next. This cartoon also brings attention to an issue today's world often ignores, due to the lack of awareness: Climate change. Result of the global pollution, climate change is threatening life as we know it today. It causes some places to get hotter, meanwhile others get colder. This leads to both floodings and aridness. This could result in various animals to go extinct as well as humans facing major natural calamities and disasters.We need to work together to prevent this from happening.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
    26 Apr 2021

    You've thought critically about these images by comparing and contrasting them to draw conclusions about climate change and covid-19- well done!

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  • rachelwilliams.JPG EXPERT: Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
    26 Apr 2021

    Thank you @skillful heart for your comparison of the two images. I notice you stated that climate change is an issue which "today's world often ignores". Could you give some examples where the issue hasn't been ignored?

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