Climate change in the Covid-19 pandemic


Today the 22 April is the Earth's day . But let's try to make every day Earth day . And this picture is like a present for our Earth.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    22 Apr 2021

    Thanks for sharing y0ur picture! Can you explain what you have drawn?

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    1. global-conversation.png assertive_seal | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
      Olivia @ the BNC's comment 22 Apr 2021

      You're welcome! This is the most important benefit of Covid-19. Before the pandemic Earth was in pain because the pollution, especially air pollution: factories, planes... For this reason , the verdancy suffers from the CO² but over the lockdown there is no flights from a country to another ,so there is no planes . Even there is no people in streets , in forests , in beaches... Almost every one at home.In addition, factories was closed. It means there is less pollution. The Earth got rid of all the ways almost of air pollution, the trees grew up... All in all, the Earth smiled.
      Let's keep it always smiling.
      I hope you like my comment.

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      1. global-conversation.png energetic_banjo | Green Hill Academy Kibuli | Uganda
        assertive_seal's comment 22 Apr 2021

        As we celebrate earth day, what are the main things people can do on this day?

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  • global-conversation.png industrious_planet | OPASS M/A JHS | Ghana
    22 Apr 2021

    To most people, climate change is not a serious issue as compared to the covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 is causing more harm on daily basics around the globe.
    Due to the covid-19, some factories stopped running. Which has resulted in shortage of goods and commodities. Consequently, the trader with few goods takes advantage to increase the prices of the commodities in stock, causing hardship to their customers and the general public at large.
    Having considered the diverse opinions, I sum up by saying attention is given to covid-19 more because, of its immediate effects.

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  • global-conversation.png blissful_olive | Adabraka Presbyterian Basic School | Ghana
    22 Apr 2021

    What are the the main reason for the earth day

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