Can We Simulate The Positive Effects Of The Pandemic In Our Future Lives.

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Without a doubt,the covid-19 pandemic was a terrible experience for everyone. It claimed thousands of lives and disrupted the normal course of events in many areas. Covid-19 has had both negative and positive impacts; among the negative were deaths,disruption of school activities and, economic strain on countries and many others. The most conspicuous positive effect of the pandemic was the recovery time that is allowed the earth and environment .

Since we cannot deny the fact that the covid-19 pandemic has positive effects, is it possible to simulate those effects in our present day world? A good example of a scenario that can be simulated is the reduced industrial activity due to the lockdown which inadvertently gave the environment to to recuperate. Now that the lockdown has been significantly relaxed in most parts of the world, the environment has shown signs of going back to how bad it was before the lockdown. Isn't it possible for government around the world to enforce laws to tackle such occurrences?

My idea is for a law similar to closed season laws as in hunting and fishing fields that stops all large scale industrial activities that negatively impact the environment, for a month or so in order to simulate the effect the lockdown had on the environment. All great things stir waters and as such the governments might face hindrances from large production firms who are most likely profit oriented. But in spite of the hardships faced I strongly believe that the importance of such a law cannot be undermined. This is just one example out of the vast possibilities concerning this topic and I can already see a better tomorrow .

If the worlds leaders can take the initiative and develop more laws like the afore mentioned example, the positive effects of the pandemic would not fade away with the virus itself but will take root in our societies for the benefit of all.

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