Burning plastic and its presence in the soil .

The harm of burning plastic:

Burning plastic leads to the production of toxic gases that negatively affect the atmosphere and affect human health.

The presence of plastic in the soil:

Plastic is difficult to decompose, it takes 450 years to decompose and its presence in the soil leads to access to groundwater from which you drink as well the presence of microorganisms that accelerate the process of plastic decomposition, which leads to the production of methane gas, which is the most important gas that contributes to the increase in the impact of global warming

From my point of view, burning plastic leads to harm to human health, this is not a good thing, and throwing plastic into the soil or oceans is a bad thing that is very harmful.

Solve the problem: plastic can be recycled also can be replaced by cartons .

Are there more solutions?

How can we recycle plastic?

How to reduce plastic burning?

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