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Good Afternoon Everyone, I'm the extroadinary_redcurrant

Welcome back to my Podcast and today we have two very special visitors on this video call.



So welcome you two and as you have noticed the new Burnet News Club Issue is Building Back Greener and that basically means helping our enviroment in more ways than one. So today on the BNC Hub Podcast you will use your create minds and tell use some of the things that you've done and made to help our environment and tackle climate change,

Vanessa you may go first if you would like to.

Well hello I'm Vanessa I'm 19 years-old and I study Chemistry and Biology at the University of Cambridge and I really care about helping our environment and I also really love doing work with the Burnet News Club and giving my opinions on all of the different issues. Ever since I was little I've all ways picked up litter and saved electricity to help our environment I even have a whole list ofthe things I do to help the environmnet but it is super duper long. My invention to help the environmet is actually a machine that I've just finished drawing and giving it ways to work, is a machine that can pick up all kinds of litter and destroy it so it doesn't end up in our oceans and killing our wildlife animals. It's actually a little bit like a vacume or hoover, so basically what it does is it picks up any litter anywhere and because it has sharp elctric claws in it really crushes the litter and them as the litter begins to composed in the machine, it goes deep down in it and it just gets destroying like that.

Thank you ever so much for enviting me on your Podcast extroadinay_redcurrant I really hoped you enjoying listening ot my ideas.


Well that was just absolutly amazing, Thank you so much for your ideas you clearly have a super creative, clever mindset

Now I will pass it on to George.

Hello, my name is George, I'm 20 years-old and I study Physics at the University of Oxford and the environment really means a lot me when I was a child I remenber watching the stars every single night but we can't really see anymore stars in the sky anymore. As I began ot get older I would save electricy and make sure that I don't any water at all. My invention is a machine that can shoot fresh air into the sky and help get rid of air pollution, I've already finished designing it and building, I just need to get it to work. I'm going to get some help from my older cousin Thomas who is genius in electrical engineering because he studied Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemantics (STEM) when he went to Oxford Univesrity five years ago. I've been working on this machine for just over a year now since the first lockdown in England of 2020 and I know this invention will pay off and really help our special and precious Planet the very great Earth.

Thank you very much for listening to what my masterpiece will do and how it does what it does and thank you for giving me the chance to go on this website and do all sorts of things that expand me creativity.


Thank you for that outstanding invention of yours George I wish you and your older cousin best in this masterpiece and now I have a question for both of you and it's...

Do you agree with each others ideas and think that they will work?


Well I really agree with Geroge's idea because shooting fresh air could actually work and since his older cousin studied STEM in University his machine will work and hopefully we'll be able to see some stars in the sky at night again. Pus it's a very intellegent idea thatcan really change the world and I don't think anyone's ever thought of something that smart.


I definetly agree with Vanessa's creation because making a machine that picks up and destroyes litter totally mind blowing and the good thing is that she doesn't have to get her hands dirty because that can't be good for humans as well. Plus many people will be greatful about there being no more litter on their streets and in there building and many other places.


So I can see that you both agree with each others ideas and that you believe they will both work and you've given your reasons. Thank you both again and please stay active on the hub and encourage other people to join in to, I wish you the best in University and growing your creative minds.


Thank you, bye.


Bye, thank you.


Bye, have a great weekend and enjoy, I hope you enjoyed some BNC Podcast.

See you next time.

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