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Hello, in the previous post we talked about the effects of the Corona virus on the environment and climate and helps people mitigate the effects of Corona:

Climatic and environmental solutions:

1- The huge sums that will be spent on recovering from the Coronavirus must be saved in new jobs and companies through a clean and environmentally friendly transformation.

2- When taxpayer money is used to save companies, it must be linked to job creation and sustainable growth.

3- Public funds must be used to invest in the future, not the past, and flow to sustainable sectors and projects that help the climate and the environment.

4- Climate risk and opportunity must be integrated into the financial system as well as in all aspects of policy-making and infrastructure.

5- Everyone needs to work together as an international community.

* Solutions that help people mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus:

The power of an outbreak is a pandemic Corona requires people around the world to stay home, borders closed, and economies shook under the weight of the spread of infection with the virus. It may be difficult for a person to see all these events discovered in front of him without grief possessing him and affect him depression, so when a person feels that he tries to follow several things, including:

1- Distraction: When a topic worries you and raises your fears, whether it is the Corona outbreak, climate change, or otherwise, you may find yourself reading its news and following its development all the time, and distraction and stopping thinking may reduce the triggers of tension.

2- Meditation practice: The practice of meditation and mindfulness may help many people to overcome psychological pressures.

3- See the matter from a different perspective: as the context in which we place the event plays an important role in shaping our emotions, so we must think About getting rid of the problem and not thinking about it on its own.

* But the seriousness of this epidemic must be taken into account, but in return, caution must be exercised and adherence to public safety laws, which are: Regular hand washing, personal hygiene, physical distancing.

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