Building Back Greener - is it possible?

I think bulding back greener is possible because if we all stick together we can stop climate change but also most of the things we use today is having an negative effect on the planet .The Paris Climate Agreement is an agreement that 196 contreys have made to stop climate change .Can we rely on them though?

What can the UK do to stop this ?

Let's start with the most important one ! We need to gradually stop using diesal and diesal cars and make electric /hybrid cars .If we stop using diesal cars it well stop the fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses from buring up from cars however there is one flaw because electric cars will be really expensive no to just buy to run and make aswell .

But we do have scientist and they can help us buy resurting and and finding alternatives to plastic so we can use them and destroy them without letting off greenhouse gasses although we do have one problem solved which is plastic straws and bottles the alternative for that is glass bottles and paper/metal straws.I think it should be the law. What do you think ?

People only some peoplre will only help the planet if its the law .So the goverment should make some new laws do you agree?

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