Building back greener by steady_ferret

COVID-19. A terrible virus that took away millions of lives. However, something good must have came out of it. Thanks to social media, the local news and a number of books, I learned that the gigantic hole in the ozone layer is getting better due to this pandemic. People rarely go out of their homes so there have been fewer cars in the streets, fewer cars means fewer carbon dioxide, fewer carbon dioxide means a healthier atmosphere as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have been making that hole in the ozone layer which lets in harmful UV rays. Thanks to research from, I learned that the greenhouse gases will also make the surface of the Earth warmer which will melt the polar ice caps, flooding the Earth. Due to yet another numer of books and the local news I learned that this is already happening as Earth is suffering extreme weather such as that Australian bushfire that happened during the start of 2020. If we don't start doing something soon, entire cities and perhaps countries will be underwater.

Experts think the best way is to" build back greener " because after the pandemic, we will need to stop the the extreme weather and the global warming so we need to make everything environment friendly after the pandemic and nobody wants their home to be 20000 leagues under the sea. " Building back greener " may have many forms. Thanks to several books, YouTube videos, websites, TV shows and the local news, I learned that " Building back greener " means using renewable energy, renewable and non-toxic fuels and recycling materials. Energy can be split into two groups, renewable and unrenewable. Renewable energy means energy that can be used over and over again and will never run out, such as : wind, hydro, solar, biomass and some sources of thermal energy. Wind energy is the energy in wind currents, the wind currents will push turbines on windmills, charging eletricity, giving energy to the rest of the world. Hydro energy is the energy in water currents, the water currents will push a turbine under a dam, charging eletricity. Solar energy is energy from the sun which is collected on solar panels, the solar panels will then turn the solar energy into eletricity. Biomass is energy from plants, animal manure and human sewage, however, we should not cut down many plants as they absorb carbon dioxide. Thermal energy is energy from deep inside the Earth but most of them is not renewable. Unrenewable energy means energy that can't be used over and over again as they will eventually run out, some examples are : fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear energy, coal and most sources of thermal energy. fossil fuels are oil made from dead animals from millions of years ago, they can be used to make diesel and are drilled from the Earth, as they take millions of years to form and we are consuming it fast enough, it will soon run out. Natural gas is gas from deep inside the Earth that is flamable, like fossil fuels, it will soon run out. Nuclear energy is made from splitting atoms in a nuclear plant reactor, heating water into steam, then pushing the turbine in the plant, charging eletricity. Coal is almost the same except that they are burning coal to turn water into steam, coal is mined in mountains and there isn't much left. Renewable fuels can be made from plants such as : corn and coconuts, however, they will have to be proven to be non-toxic by scientists before they said it was an alternative fuel to diesel which releases carbon dioxide into the air. Nowadays, you can find recycling bins everywhere but some people still put the things they can recycle into rubbish bins. The things in the recycling bins will travel to a factory, be cut up into tiny pieces and then turn it into something new, then companies will then buy them.

Thanks to everything I have learned from books, videos, websites, TV shows, the local news and teachers, I have wrote this post. Thank you,everyone.

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