Building Back Greener Artwork

building back greener picture.jpg

What should “building back greener” look like?

The building back greener should look like to be joined by all the people of the world. If we all start with the little things we can do in our daily lives, the Earth's environment will surely be much better than before. I hope everyone will realize the importance of the environment once again and take a step closer to protecting nature.

Who has the power to help the world to fight climate change? For example, individuals, communities, or governments? How could your artwork show this?

All people, I can fight climate change and believe that the power. Starting with one by one if the whole world will not have much impact on our planet, participate. In addition, several environmental groups, businesses, governments also personal, not only us people do more together to protect the environment for protecting nature.

How important is “building back greener” for you? What about for your country?

I think building back greener is very important. Time and the introduction of new technology environment is getting worse. We are not any worse, our planet through building back greener should help. Currently mentioned the importance of environmental protection is still in my country. Climate change caused by global warming is slowly changing our environment. We do not ignore these changes and for the environment should work together.

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