Building back greener art piece


This piece represents the small part that everyone plays in building back greener. It shows that every act taken no matter how small can make a huge difference in transforming a barren grey concrete world into a green healthy environment. Doing small things like recycling or planting a tree can reduce co2 by great amounts and make the world a better place for us to live in.

I made this piece from used and recycled paper and cardboard, and using a layering technique, I created depth thoughout it, separating the foreground from the background. The first two pannels are grey white and black whereas the last pannel is coloured in, this creates contrast between how the world could change.

Today cities in Britain are doing their best to be more environmentally friendly, implementing cycle lanes to encourage healthy transport, electric car charging ports are popping up in almost every major carpark and using sustainable power, but it isn't all down to the council to make change, it's the people who live there that can make the biggest difference.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    07 Jun 2021

    What a visually striking artwork, approachable_measurement! And you've explained it very clearly too. The layering techique works incredibly well to achieve the contrast goal. Well done!

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