Building Back Greener


My artwork represents the Earth, and just a few of the steps to make our world a better place These include things such as nature (trees and animals), green energy (wind turbines and solar pangels) and finally Green transport (zero emission cars and planes). For me, building back greener is very important, as if we don't build it back then the consequences could be huge. In the case of our country, people's lives could be saved, for example people with asthma or other environment-related things, if the world warms up, people may die. Everyone has a part in preventing climate change, literally. Each person can make a difference to helping the emvironment but some choose not to. In particular, people who can help are people in a place of more authority, as they might have more things to do for the environment, such as big projects to help against climate change.

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  • mollymargiotta.jpg EXPERT: Molly Margiotta, Capital Markets Trainee @ Clifford Chance
    26 May 2021

    Thank you reflective_artic_fox for this amazing piece artwork! You mention that people in a place of more authority in particular can help with climate change, can you think of any examples of people in authority and what they could do to help?

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