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Welcome to this week's cluster conversation! Not sure what cluster your school is in? Check here.

Why is art a good way to explain something to a group of people who don’t speak the same language?

Top tips:

  • You could include a link to a piece of art you like and explain the message behind it.
  • We want to hear about your experience where you live. The best comments will answer the question and explain why your experiences have led to your opinion.
  • A cluster conversation is small group of 30 schools that you will get to know really well. Try to reply to other people, ask questions about their answers and learn more about what life is like where they live.
  • A new cluster conversation question will be posted every Monday.
  • You can use this to help start your answer, "Art is a good way to explain something to a group of people who don't speak the same language because..."

Comments (4)

  • global-conversation.png hardworking_orange | Dinajpur High School | Bangladesh
    18 May 2021

    According to my opinion art was never a silent language. Its the one which unites human beingswith all their different believes and traditions. Art is the expression of creativity in visual from and it carries the message that could have written. When in written form,the inteperetation of it would different from other languages!!"""

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  • global-conversation.png quiet_queen | Dinajpur High School | Bangladesh
    18 May 2021

    Im my opinion, i saw some of the art, and immediately found the message behind it, i see what the artist was thinking while making it. Art is a good way to explain something to a group of people who dont speak the same language because in att artist has show feelings in it.!!!!!

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  • global-conversation.png lovable_cheetah | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    20 May 2021

    Art is very INCLUSIVE and with the effective impact of the picture I believe thar art can reach bigger audiences. Art can have different forms so it helps DIVERSITY. Art also keeps PERSONAL touch so it is very authentic.
    But what the arts can do is remind us that it's possible to save the world. Art can shock us – spur us – into action. "Artists can communicate in a way that scientists can't," says Judith Knight, director of ArtsAdmin, a London-based organisation showcasing contemporary art.
    Check these links that I read before commenting.

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  • The Sherwood School skillful_trombone | The Sherwood School
    20 May 2021

    This does work as the person can understand whatever it is you are trying to say to them.Therefore, they will be understand what you are saying through a beautiful and easy to understand piece of art.

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