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There are different ways to "build back greener". Here's a recap:

  • INVEST IN GREEN ENERGY = Stop using fossil fuels (coal, crude oil and natural gas) and start using environmentally friendly energy sources. For example, renewable energy or nuclear power.
  • SUPPORT GREEN BUSINESSES = Give money to businesses that are environmentally friendly
  • HELP NATURE = For example, by planting trees, reducing pollution or protecting habitats
  • SUPPORT GREEN RESEARCH = Give money to help experts find out how to slow climate change
  • INVEST IN GREEN TRANSPORT = Make transport more environmentally friendly. For example, make more electric cars or a green public-transport system.

Which of these ways to “build back greener” is the most important for your country?

Top tips:

  • We want to hear about your experience where you live. The best comments will answer the question and explain why your experiences have led to your opinion.
  • A cluster conversation is small group of 30 schools that you will get to know really well. Try to reply to other people, ask questions about their answers and learn more about what life is like where they live.
  • A new cluster conversation question will be posted every Monday.
  • You can use this to help start your answer, "I think the most important way to "build back greener" in [your country] is... I think this because where I live..."

Comments (16)

  • global-conversation.png skillful_heart | Khaznadar Pioneer Preparatory School | Tunisia
    26 Apr 2021

    I think the best way for my country to build back greener is by investing in green energy.One of Tunisia's most-known touristic attraction is the Sahara Desert.Geographically located in the south of the country,it mesures about 40 000 km2,meaning 42.7٪ of the country's full surface.Such a large area shouldn't be limited to tourism.It has a very big potential and could be used to produce important amounts of electricity using solar energy,a clean and nature-friendly energy source.Sadly this potential was and is still underetimated and unused as the energy sector kept using fossil fuels and other polluting methods.However with the rise in electricty prices,I noticed that a lot of tunisians households (including mine) started using solar energy as a secondary power source and even as a main one.There has been a lot of discussions on tunisian social media sites about the benefits of clean energy as well.A lot of the citizens seem to be pretty encouraging of the idea.This fills me with hope as I know that our country's hot climate shouldn't go to waste.Especially since as our energy production is regressing,leading us to import electricity from our neighbording nations (maroc and algeria) which could hurt our already struggling enconomy.I wish that the new genarations,unlike the current one, will see the potential of solar power and will use it the right ways.I dream of a pollution-free country that relies on clean energy as its main electricity source.Tunisian should live up to its nickname of green-tunisia and be the one to take the initiative for a greener world!

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      skillful_heart's comment 27 Apr 2021

      This is a really informative comment that tells us what the situation is like where you are - I have given you a star for excellent speaking, and sharing your message so clearly. I wonder if other students can write about what the similarities are between Tunisia and where they live?

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  • Penketh Primary Logo adventurous_raisin | Penketh Primary School
    27 Apr 2021

    Dear Bear group,
    I think the best way for England to get greener is well... lots of ways such as-
    Environmentally friendly cars
    Planting trees
    And the list goes on (hahaha)
    There are so many ways to make good change to the environment.
    I do know lots more ways but I might need more space.
    Adventurous raisin xoxo

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    1. Alice.jpg EXPERT: Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance
      adventurous_raisin's comment 29 Apr 2021

      Hi Adventurous_Raisin - you're right that there are many ways to assist the environment! If you had to pick one, which way do you think should be the highest priority now in England and why?

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      1. Penketh Primary Logo adventurous_raisin | Penketh Primary School
        Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance's comment 24 May 2021

        I think probably plastic pullition for example walk on a beach anywhere in the UK and you are bound to see some sort of fly tipping. I think cutting down on plastic by a lot will definitely help.
        Adventurous_raisin xoxo

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  • global-conversation.png hardworking_orange | Dinajpur High School | Bangladesh
    27 Apr 2021

    Planting trees among the greenery is important for our country. I live in Bangladesh, there are not as many trees in this country as there are trees. Again, the small number of trees that are there should be cut down and made into houses. As a result, the number of trees is decreasing day by day. Bangladesh is a developing country. So here the use of fossil fuels i.e. coal,crude oil is less. So i dont think it will have any bad effect on the country to build green now.

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    1. Alice.jpg EXPERT: Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance
      hardworking_orange's comment 29 Apr 2021

      Hi Hardworking_Orange - it's interesting to hear about the challenges that Bangladesh are facing. You highlight the issue that trees are being cut down to make houses. Can you think of any ways to prevent or encourage people not to cut down these trees?

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  • global-conversation.png fascinating_fish | Penwortham Girls' High School | United Kingdom
    27 Apr 2021

    i think the best way for my country to build back greener is by supporting green research. this will help us to find a way to tackle climate change as effectively as possible. i think this will also provide strong evidence of the dangers of climate change to those who do not believe it is happening. it will also help pressure our government to implement the necessary changes to battle this. i personally feel that this issue of climate change has been ignored for so long because people cannot see the effects of it like with covid 19 for example. it hasn't just suddenly disrupted our lives like covid but instead has built up slowly over a long period of time so we don't notice its affects as much. however, we are reaching a point of no return with our climate problem where if we don't act soon, the effects will be irreversible. green research will also show what methods will be most effective at tackling climate change and will point out where to start with this huge problem. that way we can focus funding on the appropriate tactics and ensure that what we are funding will prove successful in solving the issue.

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    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
      fascinating_fish's comment 28 Apr 2021

      Well done for giving such clear reasons for your opinion. Why do you think focusing funding is so important?

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  • global-conversation.png skillful_heart | Khaznadar Pioneer Preparatory School | Tunisia
    27 Apr 2021

    Thanks adventurous_raisin! You also seem to know a lot based on your comments :D

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  • global-conversation.png adventurous_flower | New Tafo M/A (CRIG) JHS | Ghana
    28 Apr 2021

    I think the best way to build back greener in my country Ghana here is by planting trees and it will also reduce climate change because the environment is not that greener

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  • global-conversation.png diligent_peach | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    28 Apr 2021

    I also think that the best way my country could build back greener is to try and support the experts in the agricultural sector with plant seedlings 🌱 and fertilizers,so that they’ll be planted in areas that are short of trees🌲 🌳 ,and also encourage the people living in the big cities about the importance of planting trees in their homes or gardens🏡 🏡,not only for shade but also to help them to breathe in fresh and healthy air and beautify the environment .Because as the saying goes,when the last tree🌳 dies ,the last man dies 😭😭😭

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  • global-conversation.png sensitive_effort | Dinajpur High School | Bangladesh
    02 May 2021

    I live in bangladesh and i think the best way for my country to build back greener is by helping nature and invest in green transport. We know a country need at least 25% of its total land area covered with forest but according to Arannayk Foundation, Bangladesh has 2.53 hectares of land which is 17.5% of its total land area. Forest are being cut down due to industrialization. "Think before you do, not after you're done," says a Bengali proverb that applies to an urgent threat today for my country. So one of the main point to built back greener is helping nature by planting trees in my country. Again internet says main cause of air pollution in Bangladesh is Vehicular emissions. Only air pollution caused 123000 deaths in 2017 in Bangladesh. Apart form that the percentage of electric cars in my country is less than 1%. Government should emphasize on electric vehicals which may be one of the key cause to built Bangladesh back greener. Thus helping nature and invest in green transport are game changer for a green-bangladesh !!!!

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      sensitive_effort's comment 04 May 2021

      Excellent research, sensitive_effort!

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  • global-conversation.png determined_cherry | Khaznadar Pioneer Preparatory School | Tunisia
    27 May 2021

    I think the most important way to "build back greener" in my country Tunisia is help nature. I think this is because where i live people are not responsible for the nature especially the old generation who naturally affect the next generations. This is absolutly so sad. I think if we can, us the conscious people, share the fact of the importance of 'build back greener' by organizing cleaning campaigns in our district to motivate our neighborhoods. We can together plant trees save water, clean the streets, collect the garbage, recycle, use solar energy, put rubbish in garbage cans, clean rivers from rubbish, oraganize anti-pollution campaigns, save endagered species, stop smoking, use public transport, ride a bike instead of going by car, collect garbage in plastic bags.
    And by this way we can save the earth.

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