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Who are our experts on "building back greener"?

Tsitsi Mkombe (questions closed!)
Tsitsi is based in South Africa and is Corporate Partnerships Manager at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This means she helps the organisation partner businesses to increase their impact on protecting our planet. This also helps businesses make better choices and for the environment. What would you like to ask Tsitsi about her role in helping a wildlife charity partner businesses?

Nada Majdalani (questions closed!)
Nada is Palestine Director at EcoPeace Middle East, a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. For the first time ever environmentalists from these countries agreed to join forces in an effort to make people think of the environment when they are planning and developing the area. What would you like to ask Nada about this job?

Sebastian Munden (questions closed!)
Sebastian is Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Unilever UK & Ireland. Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Unilever's products are available in over 190 countries and 2.5 billion people use their products every day - from soap, to foods to cleaning products. Unilever aim to make sustainable living commonplace and have made big pledges on their use of plastics. Read more about these here. What would you like to ask Sebastian about his role at Unilever?

Chris Hopkins and Najma Mohamed (questions closed!)
Chris and Najma work at the Green Economy Coalition. The coalition try to help countries speed up the move to green and fair ways of doing things. They make bridges between business, people and governments. They aim to stimulate debate and dialogue and help connect people to make better decisions for our planet. What would you like to ask Chris and Najma?

Rita Idehai (questions closed!)
Rita is Chief Executive Officer at EcoBarter, social enterprise with a mission to build a culture of responsible consumption and production across Africa. Ecobarter’s mission is to phase out the “waste” idea - they want a zero-waste world, where every material is 100% reintroduced into another production line or biodegrades. Rita is based in Nigeria. What would you like to ask Rita?

Catherine Brahic
Catherine is is The Economist‘s Environment editor which means she researches and writes for a worldwide newspaper about the environment. She has also appeared on the BBC, Al Jazeera and NPR and and has given lectures at a variety of events and institutions. What would you like to ask Catherine?

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