Animals threatened with extinction due to global warming.

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Global warming and its consequences increase the risk of species extinction. This is likely the sixth largest extinction of the Earth, and it is often called the Anthropocene or Holocene extinction.

This means the extinction of millions of living species, be they plants or animals, and perhaps humans.

This alone will explain the depth of the global warming crisis.

In this topic, I chose to talk about some animal species that are threatened with extinction due to global warming.

Everyone knows that global warming does not only affect animals and plants, but it may also lead to the extinction of water, ice and snow due to high temperatures, as well as water bodies due to water evaporation due to high temperatures.

Between 15-37% of the 1,103 known endemic or semi-endemic plant and animal species will be "endangered" by 2050. More precisely, changes in the natural habitats of organisms by 2050 will place them out of the realm of survival, forcing these species to become extinct.

What are the endangered insects?

The most notable of these is the presence of two species of butterflies called the Checkerspot Butterfly, which is under threat of extinction due to the change in rainfall.

What are the endangered animals?

The white lemur is the first known mammal species likely to be extinct due to human-caused global warming.

The Bramble Kai Melome rat, which used to live on an island near the Great Barrier Reef, is the first mammal to become extinct due to rising sea levels due to human climate change.

It is expected that the ratios of male and female sea turtles in the northeastern Caribbean will decrease and the climate will change. Species of sea turtle include the leatherback ocean turtle, green sea turtle and hawksbill. Extinction poses a threat to these species due to the catastrophe of the ratio between the sexes, as the percentage of females has been significantly higher compared to males. It is estimated that the green sea turtle population will decline 2.4% due to male declining by 2030, and 0.4% by 2090.

The jaguar (American tiger) is already "almost threatened", and the situation is more dangerous due to the loss of food supplies and the flight from natural housing, especially because of the fires.

Of course, we must mention that all plants, animals and life forms in the Arctic are threatened with extinction, and that is because the snow is expected to melt at the poles, which means a rise in temperature and thus the extinction of species that depend on the frozen environment, the most prominent of which is: the polar bear And the penguins.

It is expected that a large number of marine life will be extinct due to the evaporation of water and the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Do you know other endangered species?

Do you know some measures that can be taken to protect endangered species?

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