A letter to the Government: Bring Back Greener!

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To the Government,

We have been distracted so much by Covid-19 that we have forgotten completely about climate change even though it is a bigger problem that any of us can imagine. It is time to wake up! There are lots of ways to improve and end climate change but in this letter, I have listed the major few.

Firstly, we should ban all single-use plastic. We use plastic bags every day but we could replace them with paper or cloth. We use plastic straws everyday but we could replace them with paper or bamboo. There are many other products like this that we use every day. We shouldn't use plastic too much as it takes ages to decay in earth surface, especially when there are subsitutes.

Secondly, we should spend more money researching substitutes for plastic. Plastic is a huge cause for global warming and climate change so to end climate change we have to stop using plastic. However, there are lots and lots of items that have undiscovered substitutes. We have to find more substitutes if we want to ban plastic once and for all!

Thirdly, we should stop deforestation. Why do we cut down trees? To make buildings? Furniture? Paper? Fire? Buildings and furniture can be made out of bricks, cement and other materials. Paper can be recycled and reused. Fire can be ignited by flint, stones and lots of other items. So why trees? If we can't stop using trees entirely, we should at least plant saplings and new trees to replace old ones. Or maybe only cut down dead trees. Trees are vital for the ecosysytem, helping climate change and, ultimately, to survive.

Lastly, we should use solar energy and wind energy. This is both efficient and unharmful to the environment. For example, if we use petroleum or diesel cars, we add to the carbon footprints, polluting air and increasing global warming. This is why we should use electrical, hydro-powered or solar-powered cars.

In conclusion, we should try our best to end climate change and we should each do our part.

Yours sincerely,


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